Enderal - Skyrim Total Conversion

I wasn’t a huge fan of Skyrim; in fact, I only finished about 1/3 of it before tedium set in to the point of no return + I felt frustrated that all the factions had asshole ideals so I wouldn’t want to join any so I quit, but I always liked the descriptions for this mod that promised something less generic and less fluffy than vanilla.

Do what you want, but those hoops are really just copy pasting some files. It took me about 5 minutes to do and it was the first time I used ENB.

And as a result, I get a game (that I already enjoyed for 115 hours with more to go) that looks quite nextgen compared to Skyrim - and more importantly, it makes Enderal look much more like its own, separate nonSkyrim modern game.

Still cannot make it work, even uninstalled and re installed in a new location and followed steps but still getting the missing textures and cannot load

Oh, I agree, it’s probably worth it, and my hat is off to you for taking these steps. I’m just at the point now that I have little interest in doing more than clicking an icon to run a game. Anything more and I go into sloth mode.

I have made it work, brand new installation and steps 1 -3 + Bethini and it works, hooray me :)

I decided to try the ENB thing and it does seem to look better.

Awesome. You can press shift and F12 together to instantly toggle on off. The new lighting makes huge difference on vegetation in particular.

Awesomer! :)

Ok, You guys have got me. This doesn’t require any faffing around with mods and installers right? I just go to the game on Steam and click on download now and it just works? Also, what’s this ENB that everyone keeps talking about? Is that something additional?

Yeah it’s an Add on, Enderal itself is just a standalone download from Steam. Definitely worth it.

Is it just a graphics thing? Because my laptop isn’t top of the line so if there were no gameplay changes I would maybe just skip it.

You just gotta own Skyrim on Steam (preferably SE). You do not need to have it installed, Enderal is standalone and it downloads the required files by itself, yeah.

It is just a graphics thing. It does increase the quality of lighting significantly, but it does also raise hardware requirements significantly - with my 2080Ti, I had to go from 4K/max to 1440p/max in order to keep 60fps. So unless you have a pretty good gaming laptop, you might be better off without it.

It is pretty though



Ok, thanks that’s all i needed to know! Game is installed, I’ll give it a try tonight.

Got the game started. Good start so far! One thing, when I have my earphones hooked up, the game audio still plays out my laptop speakers. The only time it didn’t was when the first opening movie played and it came out my headphones but then when it jumped back to in-game, it played out through the computer speakers again. Any thoughts about why that may be?

Few tips:

  • if you want to use workbench to improve your enchanted stuff, you need to invest few points into phasmalist since the ability to do so gets unlocked there

  • if you do not want to have your blueprints clutter inventory, buy a blueprint book in the bank

  • if playing a mage, still a good idea to invest few points into warrior or rogue tree to unlock the effective armor wear (rogue for light armor, warrior for heavy). Even as a mage heavy can make sense, there is an awesome heavy armor set for mage

  • do not use learning books that do not fit your skill level

  • buy both houses in Ark

Frankly that sounds like some kind of Windows clusterfuck. If you have usb headphones maybe try to disable the onboard speakers, driver update…dunno.

Yeah, good advice. I’m finding a bladedancer/elementalist is fun to play, using heavy armor, a one-handed weapon, and a spell in the off hand. Because it’s, well, Skyrim essentially under the hood, switching equipment and spells is a PITA but that’s not the modders’ fault. At least the quick menu thing is integrated with the mod.

Looks like Skyrim SE is $13.19 in the Steam sale. Enderal is free, but I’m guessing if I install it won’t work if I don’t own Skyrim SE?

A quick google tells me you need either regular Skyrim or Skyrim SE

Oh nice, so there’s a separate one for non-special edition. I wonder if I own that?

The question is how many times you own Skyrim and don’t know it. :P

Looks like I own it on 360 and Xb1.

And I have access to Skyrim SE on PC Game Pass. I wonder if there’s a way to get Enderal for the Game Pass Windows 10 version?

Looks like the answer is no.