Enderal - Skyrim Total Conversion

Well, that’s the thing for a lot of curious folks, isn’t it? They’re going to jump into this thinking it’s a beefier “better” version of Skyrim, but they should be forewarned that it’s really not.

Yes, it really really isn’t Skyrim.

It sounds like a Gothic game. That’s what I want.

Is it OK in third person?

It uses the Skyrim engine. If you could deal with 3rd person in Skyrim, sure. Felt wrong to me.

Interesting, apparently the perk trees aren’t gated by your skill level - which is great because it means you can develop a particular playstyle relatively early.

Surprised at the low score, game that seems to be significantly better than Skyrim gets 20% lower score, is that some mod tax or something

Looking forward to playing it myself

5 years old apart from anything else.

I’m around 6 hours in (just hit Riverville). It looks great and plays well even thought I’ve put the settings on low to baby my aging computer.

I have a very strong Risen vibe. This is good and bad. With no respec, a long starting sequence up to the dam, hard combat (including tons of flowers and plants blocking my sight when I’m sneaking so that wolves seem to always be right on top of me when I see them) and the hand placed loot I constantly worry that I am missing something.

Yeah, I really can’t sneak for crap. Of course I just started, hopefully stealth gets more powerful later on.

After playing Requiem for so long Sneak feels weird here. Granted my skill level is pretty low but it feels like as soon as I move I get spotted, even in dungeons. On the other hand, I can shoot arrows at a mob from 3 meters away and they won’t spot me.

I’m still enjoying the mod but it’s starting to feel like it’s a little too close to the vanilla skyrim experience (mechanics wise).

edit: for reference, my sneak tree is maxed out and I have 25 points in the skill itself.

Dear god. Blob after blob of ponderous German RPG exposition. At last, I seem to be free to look round a bit.

Ark is too damn big. It’s almost as bad as the first city in Divinity: Original Sin when it comes to game pace.

Are general skyrim mods compatible with this? IE: Sky UI, Apocolypse Magic, etc… or do I need to play without mods?

General skyrim mods are NOT compatible, but as I posted earlier, Nexus has an Enderal category with quite a few mods available already.

SkyUI and a few other minor mods are already included with Enderal.

This mod is crazy, the more I play the more I like it. Incredible amount of effort must’ve gone into this thing, it’s on par with (and even surpasses) most commercial efforts.

I’m feeling similarly. At 5 or 6 hours it was ok. I haven’t advanced the story much since then (still messing around in the Sun Coast) but the mechanics seem much better once you get some decent gear and skill points. I have no idea how balanced things are but I find that I am thinking about the tradeoffs but I’ve lost some of my reluctance to spend the limited resources. Combined with some decent writing for an open world game and I’m impressed.

I’m definitely having fun, but the no fast travel thing is starting to get to me.

You can get a mod to fix that. I’m leaning towards it myself.

Richard Cobbett brings up one of my favorite game review devices: peaks and valleys.

I’ve almost forgotten about this because designers these days are usually pretty good at keeping a high level of interest and quality to go with their consistency, and I’m often too short on time to put up with the valleys.