Enderal - Skyrim Total Conversion

I’m not sure I agree with his analysis. For me, FNV is all peaks, no valleys*. And the peaks keep getting higher and higher.

*The only exception is the first dlc which is set in some godawful purple colored level.

I am really having a blast with this, but I am either too stupid to figure out what to do here or there is a game stopping bug: Am I missing something or has this happened to anyone else?

I am doing the main quest where you go to the Aged Man’s manor. When I get to the gate, it is locked. The quest updates telling me that a servant accepted the amulet and told us to sleep till morning. I am told I should explore the manor. I am then teleported with my companion to a campfire a short distance from the gate (still outside) and time advances to night. But, I still can’t get through the gate. I waited all night until 9 a.m. hoping someone would come open the gate, but no one ever does. I have tried re-loading games and traveling to the manor again, and the same thing happens.

Never mind, I am an idiot. There is a “doorbell”.

I just got there, after my very enjoyable trot through the night, and it has taken the wind out of my sails a bit.

If it helps, there are a couple combat heavy areas in the city that spice things up a bit. I recommend a short visit to the crypt (Barracks quarter) and certain sections of the Undercity if the city is bringing you down.

I just left asap, which didn’t seem to cause any problems, although the next chunk of main quest is a bit tricky. That’s more UI wrangling though :/

I just started playing this. I do like how much more colorful things are than basic skyrim. I am playing a mage, and I hope the level cap is high enough to explore all the magic trees. They do seem interesting.

I do have a question about the main quest. Is there a point to which you should follow it and then stop to do everything else? Or doesn’t it matter? IE: In skyrim I think one should follow it until you return the horn to the grey beards, and at that point, just run off and do whatever you want. I wanted to know if, and where this point was in this game. Currently I have a choice to see some person about my disease after seeing the guy in the temple district.

I actually found difficulty gated exploration pretty conclusively, along with the limited ability to heal. So I could go off in different directions after that point, but never got too far.

I started as a mage, but I found that to be too easy once I was dual casting fireballs and had a decent pet. I restarted as a sneaky archer type, which is definitely more challenging but so far I have been able to beat everything I have encountered. I just do not know if I will be missing out on something if I do not move the main questline to some point or it doesn’t matter.

In a way, it would be a shame to out level certain content by doing side quests and stuff. Currently I am just running around the crypts cleaning it out. I am not sure what to do next.

Does anyone know if there is a night vision spell in the game? Lots of areas are really dark, and being a stealthy guy, pulling out a torch isn’t a good thing.

The mentalism spell, “magelight” makes a ball of light that follows you around.

Yeah, Id rather use a torch because you can turn that off at will. Also, does this game tend to crash a lot during transitions? It seems like I get so many transitions and then one that takes a while to load and the next one crashes.

Jumped in on this one. Having quite a bit of fun. After hundreds of hours spent puttering about in Skyrim, it’s really odd to be walking around and not know what’s around the next corner.

Dialogue gets a bit ponderous, and there’s some wonky translations here and there, but the quality overall is commercial level for sure. Voice acting ranges from OK to great. Music is good. Lots of new stuff and new textures, though also lots of things from Skyrim just re-named. Not sure how I feel about the skill trees and leveling yet.

Ultra runs like butter with modded Skyrim on my HTPC, but here it can be a bit sluggish, so I’ll need to moderate some settings. So much grass.

My daughter is running with an archer character, and the fireball arrows seem like a bit of a ‘win’ button. We’re doing some Riverville quests (such an imaginative town name!), so I imagine it’s a matter of getting into more difficult areas of the map.

I just finished this. This is a really good mod and if you enjoyed skyrim you are missing out if you have not played this. Bethesda sure can learn a lot from these modders. They use the art assets way better than Bethesda did. Each castle / ruin really does feel unique and the world is so much brighter and colorful. I played as a sneaky archer type and after a bit, combat became somewhat trivial, especially when I found out how much more damage a bound bow did over the best normal bow I could find.

Overall the story is good although I did figure out what was going on a fair bit before it was "officially’ revealed in the game. It also has a far number of bugs and definitely needs some rounding out on content. I do plan on checking this out again in the future after it had far more development time. I think Ill play as a mage next although the summon AI is just as bad, if not worse (perhaps because of pathing issues) than it is in skyrim.

As for the ending, I have a question for anyone who has completed it.

[spoiler]I romanced Jespar and my ending choice after the black guarding fight was to go to the sky city. In the end Jespar and I just sat on a ledge and had a quick chat about the world and the credits rolled.

I was wondering how things turned out with the other choice, to try and stop the cleansing. Does the main character always die? Can you have any kind of happy ending and is there any resolution as to if you succeed in ultimately stopping the high ones?[/spoiler]

Ok, so playing this I’m wondering how Bethesda will try and update their technology for the next Elder Scrolls game, presumably a year or two out. If I could I would:

Try and move from separately loading areas for interiors and city areas. After galloping through Novigrad on Roach, hitting multiple not especially quick even on an SSD loading screens while moving through Ark seems a bit prehistoric.

Expand the move set a little to make combat less stilted. The ubiquitous combat roll might not work in first person, but a dodge might, coupled with hit detection which matches what’s on screen… Also a parry and riposte option.

A mantling/jump and grab action would be good, but would need some better grounding of the third person figure in the setting. The floaty jump could be toned down at the same time.

I know everyone hated Geralt’s inertia, but the way you change directly as quickly as you can spin the camera seems wrong to me here. Maybe that’s a mouse only issue? Talking of mice, a PC UI would be nice :( Manipulating certain things into a favourite list and then some of those onto hotkeys is clunky.

I don’t want much…

What would you do?

A parry/riposte would really help improve style and also help you kill some of the damage sponges quickly once you’re good at it.

I vaguely remember a block skill that did something similar, but I never used shields.

The shield strike is in and allegedly can stagger the foe when timed properly, but I admit I’ve never really noticed details like that given the vagueness of the hit detection. That could just be me :)

I want to agree with the one world one instance complaint (mostly because of loading times, even on ssd) but I think having separate areas helps modding and in general keeps the simulation more contained which means that things are less likely to go wrong over time.

Animations are in a desperate need of an overhaul. Personally I’d ditch 3rd person completely and focus on making first person animations as fast, precise and responsive as possible. Something like what Arkane did in Dishonored. They could tie this to some stats (athletics, etc) if they wanted to.

Locational damage. I don’t know why this isn’t already included because it’s in Fallout and works with and without VATS.

Transparent windows. Some games in 2000 already had this feature.

You don’t get windows unless I get no loading screens!

Not to be off topic, but I have a plot question about enderal, something about the very first things you encounter.

Does anyone understand the meanings of the dreams about dad and what is with the whole meat thing? I do not think this was at all explained in the game, yet is repeated several times.