Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

Indeed. Hopefully more along this line.

I’m also quite impressed with the price match if you bought the game two weeks before the sale. That’s a great perk.

Ok, if you click in the item in the store and go over to it’s own page it’s more obvious that it’s 39.99 regular down to 31.99 and then you take the $10 off. But on the store front it just has 39.99 down to 21.99 which led me to believe there was another $10 off.


So much this. Carrot works much better than stick.

This is indeed a much better approach.

BTW, GOG is screwed. Epic’s taking their pre-Steam sale date, and they’re doing it for a full month! GOG will now be sandwiched between sales. They’re going to take a major beating, and I’m really not sure they survive this.

I agree with that.

Steam is going to be the no 1. store, Uplay/Origin will continue existing with their first party titles, EGS will have their pseudo-publishing method for exclusives and a more curated approach, but GOG? I don’t see any gap for them.

They still provide a service that the others don’t in regards to older games. I’m not sure how much long term profit exists in that though.

I picked up Hades for $7.

Would have gone with Close to the Sun but a review mentioned it had instant-fail chase sequences and… F that noise.

I hadn’t heard of this game (Outward) until today. The trailer reminds me a little of Elder Scrolls games. Is that what this is like?

I think it’s supposed to be more like a sandbox Gothic? Other people may answer better.

Hades can be bought now for a cheaper price in Europe, cool. If I like it as much as Dead Cells, it will be great.

Also, next free game is Rime.

Jeez, their store pages are still so fucking bad. I know a lot of this is on the individual publishers, but it’s so hard to figure out anything about a game.

Here for example is the store page for Darksiders III.

As someone who didn’t play the previous Darksiders games, WTF is this? Is it a single player game? Online game? Is it an action game or more of a RPG? Does it support ultrawide resolutions or mods? Where can I find any of this stuff out? Literally the only thing they have about the game is this blurb:

So I’ll do what I always have to do: pull up the game on Steam, if it’s there.

Okay, so I can immediately see what the Devs have been working on as well as links to (positive, obviously) reviews of the game.

Instead of just the blurb on the Epic store, I get this:

While they never dictate my purchases, I can also quickly scan through some user reviews. While people are idiots, it’s often helpful to see if there are major glaring problems (major technical issues, for example) and the like.

The EGS store pages look pretty but they do fuck-all in terms of telling you what you’re buying.

Tom’s stream of Close to the Sun, has me waiting for a deep sale price before picking it up. (aka $5)

@AntediluvianArk thanks for the twitter links, 5 days later and still no fix, makes me wonder if they will wait till the end of the sale now, heh.

I had a nice time playing RiME with my son and he enjoyed it quite a bit. A peaceful exploration game with light puzzle solving in a world soaked in mystery. A nice option if you want an experience that mostly avoids combat and aggression for a change.

I found the Qt3 thread which I’d missed somehow. Sounds quite different from Bethesda games and even from Gothic.

I can’t find anything I want at the Epic store. Some of those deals are good if you’re in the market for those games.

Seems they forgot to change it for the UK though…

Edit: fixed for the UK now too

/reference to Brexit here!

So do you get Steam keys on this thing?

… too soon, huh? ;)