Erannorth Reborn

Some DLC thingymajobber for this game that I bought but still haven’t got around to playing yet.

The big feature it adds, sounds like, is the ability to sign up with various Organizations and get special perks and cards from that. I wasn’t entirely clear on why they’re different from the Affiliations that were already present but they sounded substantially larger and more impactful on your gameplay. Especially in sandbox modes. (It adds a new one of those too, for people where Conquest wasn’t hard enough.)

How important is it to get the DLC for the game?

This game…it ain’t a looker. I didn’t realize how much of a deal breaker this is for a card game, at least for me. I’ll hold off until this gets some type of card art and UI replacement mod

There’s a couple already, check the workshop (I think I link to them in the OP). If those don’t do it for you, fair enough, but I doubt much else is coming.

I haven’t bought , but one of those sets looked really nice.

Thanks, you’re right about the workshop. The top two most subscribed mods (improved card text layout and alternate art) look like they go a long way. The alt art is still more generic than I’d like but it gives me hope. I’m turning the knob from “reluctant pass” to “pick up on sale”.

You’re in luck, it’s on sale!

I’m hoping someone chimes in whether the DLC is important to pick up.

Unfortunately, I got it all immediately and so I have no idea what is or isn’t DLC stuff.

I began playing this game yesterday and is still learning things. Casual gauntlet seems to be fairly easy, but once I’m on normal I start to have trouble with the bosses. My debuffs/status effects just don’t affect them because my “potential” is too low (which seems to be determined by card level+char level). How do people normally handle this? grind until a certain level?

There are also perks that give certain types of effect more strength.

Welcome to the forum! Well, since most of your “debuffs” won’t work on bosses, that’s where other skills and effects shine (and DPS becomes more important). So you want to bring a deck into a boss fight that doesn’t depend heavily on debuffs, or maybe one that can “boost” levels in your cards to make those debuffs work on the boss. Or, perhaps, one that can use the boss’s “minions” against them.

Yeah, debuffs are hard to pull off against boss types, and you need to plan around that. You also have to worry about stuff like undead immunities and the like. The game encourages you to hit plan A pretty hard, but to also have a robust plan B.

Bought this in the Steam sale. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it or refund it, but I’m in now. I have at least kind of got the hang of getting through the battles (finished a casual, part way through a normal run).

The thing I’m still not figuring out is what the meta-progression is. Am I supposed to take the same character on multiple runs? Is “adventure” the real game? How should I be playing this and what am I trying to unlock? Are there goals beyond just beating the increasingly difficult game modes?

There are LOTS of things to unlock. Like, so much stuff. And even after you unlock things, there’s multiple modes (including adventure) and lots of different things to see. Some of the more advanced challenges require you to configure your deck accordingly and whatnot. There’s a lot of depth and options in the game, and most people won’t see even a small fraction of everything… which is my case, I guess. ;)

I just picked it up too, largely because it’s gotten a ton of support (art and UI overhauls, engine and quality of life stuff, balance, etc).

Is Erannorth Chronicles an improvement in every way over this or is there value to playing both of them? I have Reborn, but may buy Chronicles and start there if it really makes for an improved experience.

Not sure, but chronicles is half price

Hey thanks. I had purchased it for $17 so I just put in a refund so I can buy it for the current sale.

Holy crap Erannorth Chronicles is confusing. I figured, “I’ve played a lot of deck building games, I can muddle my way through.” Nope. Started a character, explored the easiest location, died in first encounter. Repeat 2 more times. Playing on normal (one up from easiest) difficulty.

Is there a straight forward way to learn this game?