Erannorth Reborn

So I started again late last night and had almost no problem getting thru the first area. I noticed the line of skulls/fires/questions marks at the top of the screen and realized this told you what you adventure was going to be like. So I was able to monitor my health/etc and plan accordingly. I was super happy to find that upon replaying an area the line of icons had changed, so it’s not just a repeat of my first run.

Ended up moving on to another village just to see what was there, sold some commodities I’d purchased, then did an adventure there. Even stumbled into an ambush on the way to the village and had to fight my way out!

I’m still obviously missing a ton of detail, but this is such and intriguing game it’s kind of amazing.


You’ll find a lot of nice equipment, allies and cards out there. Note that each card of any type you find has a tier and as you find higher tier stuff you will in most cases replace your 1 and 2 tier cards with them eventually. Also note that your cards will all level up. When they level up the tier pips along the top left of the card will light up.

Oh man, this is just greatness! Got my merc up to Level 4, mostly focusing on blades, but also threw in some magic. I’ve traveled back and fourth between the two easiest cities buying/selling some commodities and even fought thru a long temple/dungeon thing. On that one my guy got hammered in the first fight, but basically held his own the rest of the way. Now I have a few followers including a good puppy dog. So cool that you can jump in for a few minutes or a few hours and do some adventuring.

The game is great with lots of depth and breadth of options and strategies.

Wait until you try the Dancer class. I thought I actually knew the game until kept killing myself lol. That was over 100 hours in.

I just picked this up and I am wondering is there something which explains all the game concepts? For example, on my character I have something called AP Upkeep which is currently 7. I am assuming this is a bad thing. I have no idea what causes this and exactly what mechanics it governs.

Id also like to know other things. For example, I assume cards level up represented by the diamonds on the top. However what do the colors mean? I have a fire card with 2 orange diamonds and one with 3 white diamonds and another one with 1 pink diamond.

How do I prevent the game from auto-adding new cards to my deck?

AP upkeep can be bad, since it deducts from the amount of AP you recover per turn, and you need AP to use your cards. AP upkeep is usually caused by equipped acessories and armor of the “automatic” variety - the AP cost in the equipment card, in such cases, is the amount of AP upkeep they require per turn.

The number of diamonds is the tier of the card, I believe - think of it as a card’s “level”. I believe the color changes as the card becomes stronger. It’s a “sublevel-up”, so to speak… I think so.

When you go pick then, if you hover over the button that says “add to deck”, you’ll see in the text below that you can press a modifier key (I think it’s ctrl) to send it to the stash instead. And at any time you can go into the deck builder and remove cards from your deck/hand.

By the way: I prefer to use the “old” deck builder. Go to the character sheet; clicking on “deck builder” brings up the new deck builder, but if you press “O” you go to the old one, which is faster to use once you are more familiar with the cards.

Is there a way to pick a lower level version of a spell? I am playing with a blood mage and the Vigor Mortis spell leveled up and now it costs 4 Blood Surge to cast instead of 3. Since my blood orb only gives me 3 per use, this is a real problem.

Sorry, that I don’t know, but if I find out I’ll let you know.

I don’t think there is, unfortunately. You could ask the developer if it would be possible to add. He’s been pretty quick to implement feedback if it isn’t too complicated and doesn’t conflict with his vision of the game.

There was a talent I picked up that lowered the cost back down to 3 and gave me 2x of those leech guys.
However my bloodmage died on some higher level undead that kept summoning more and then adding like 50 shields to everyone. Once I couldn’t leech health, I was dead even though I lasted a good while. I just had no way to really damage the undead besides a few spells that would not come up often enough.

Also for some reason my ‘hand’ kept getting full of leech guys, like 10 at a time. I have no idea what was causing it because I was not using powers the created those cards.

In general, when people make decks, do they diversify or focus? I try and minimize deck and focus on a strategy, but then you always run into some situation you can’t deal with easily or at all.

For example I have a necro, but when he faces a boss that has like 8 dark resist, it makes most of my abilities useless. I even thought about an efreet necro for the fire powers, but demons and demon bosses in particular have huge fire and dark resists.

It just seems like you can easily get into situations you can’t deal with because of some crazy resist thing. Its dumb that skeletons / zombies do dark damage and not physical melee damage.

As for a developer wish, where do you contact them? Just post on the steam forums? One wish I would want is to have tool tips on everything. Like if a card said ‘greed’ then you could mouse over it and see what the greed mechanic was. Other things need explanations. Like what does hand size actually do? What governs how many action points a turn you get? Etc…

Check the developer’s videos on Youtube. He gives some tips there. For instance, you can type “Greed” in the search field in that left-side log screen and it will show information about it on the log (though it doesn’t work for everything). If you see info for a card, it usually explains what the terms are in the detailed description.

As for your previous questions: most classes have two main damage types. And they all have strengths and weaknesses, which means nearly every one of them will have some difficulty facing certain enemies and certain resistances. In those times items can make a huge difference.

My only serious run was with a human hunter. I focused hard on piercing damage but I did keep enough of the human psychic type cards so that I could inflict stun. Mostly I trusted that I could last long enough to eliminate things with the 3x and 4x damage that many of the bow cards could deal.

On other runs I felt that I ran into many more with specific types of monsters and their resistances.

Generally a run goes like this for me:
I am doing quite well and not having any problems.
Then I run into a monster pack that has crazy resistance to the damage type I do and/or is immune to a critically important effect ( like the leech effect for blood mages). Most commonly this group is undead.
Ill hold my own for a while, but then they just wear me down while summoning more and more of their monster types, and then I die. Also when they armor up for like 50 armor in one turn, that is bullshit.

In one case, so many undead spawned that the cards were scrolling off the screen. My best spells could only do like 2 damage to the resistant ones and of course for whatever reason, the debuff effects do not work, like weaken which they reduce their damage.

I also had a mystic who was pretty high level who ran into a pack of monsters that each did like 11-20 damage and had like 80 hp each. They just wailed on my dude till he was dead. I have no idea what he could have done. I am not aware of any super defensive abilities mystics have.

I just feel that you play normally until the RNG throws a crafted high enough level pack at you and then you die and there is nothing you could have done.

There are generally ways to compensate for resistant and/or immune enemies that you can stock - for example, there are cards that specifically go after undead. And remember, you can edit your equipment and deck mid-battle - you might have to skip a turn to reshuffle your deck to take advantage of the latter, but it might be worth it.
The trick, I think, is figuring out what your problem areas are going to be generally and finding those counters to them. I won’t claim to have mastered that art. And it’s gonna be much harder to manage in gauntlet modes where you don’t have a lot of room to go shop in towns or grind for reward cards.

Also, I think there’s some logic (not foolproof, but some) to enemy generation, at least in sandbox mode. Certain kinds of nodes and especially those destroyed towns or crypts or whatever that you can opt to go in will tend to have certain kinds of enemy. But I haven’t worked out exactly what it is yet.

When going to iron man mode, do you noramally level up your character elsewhere first? I nomrally do casual -> Normal -> Iron man where is where I die. May after normal I should do other things and gain lots of levels and then do iron man?

Some DLC thingymajobber for this game that I bought but still haven’t got around to playing yet.

The big feature it adds, sounds like, is the ability to sign up with various Organizations and get special perks and cards from that. I wasn’t entirely clear on why they’re different from the Affiliations that were already present but they sounded substantially larger and more impactful on your gameplay. Especially in sandbox modes. (It adds a new one of those too, for people where Conquest wasn’t hard enough.)

How important is it to get the DLC for the game?

This game…it ain’t a looker. I didn’t realize how much of a deal breaker this is for a card game, at least for me. I’ll hold off until this gets some type of card art and UI replacement mod

There’s a couple already, check the workshop (I think I link to them in the OP). If those don’t do it for you, fair enough, but I doubt much else is coming.