Essential Oils And Other Holistic Bullshit


Nextdoor is so great. It’s both terrifying and hilarious to know how many nuts live within a 1 mile radius of me. Who knew so much crypto-racism could fit on one website.


For me, it’s just people losing and finding pets.

Seriously, that’s literally the only thing that happens. Ever.

Oh, except one lady who wanted to find a church who would baptise her kids without her joining the church.


You must be in a low-participation area. The paranoia abounds around here.

Anyone who drives slowly is probably a burglar, call the cops immediately. Apparently there are packs of wild dogs roaming the streets. Anyone who knocks on your door more than once is probably a home invader or looking for empty houses to break into. Anyone who has more than 1 guest per day is probably a drug dealer, maybe a prostitute.

These are the things I’ve learned from Nextdoor.


The fact that they refer to the AMA instead of “the doctor” makes me wonder if it is fake…


Oh my goodness yes. I live kind of on the border between a few “nice” and two less-so parts of town. People here is crazy


The Best Of Nextdoor twitter feed is one of the most entertaining things on that godforsaken platform.


Living in Arizona means the occasional trip to Sedona, Ground Zero for Voodoo for White People. You won’t believe all the ways people can come up with to fleece seekers. As they say, there’s a seeker born every minute.


Lies! Richard Rahl is special! The specialest!


I know someone in Seattle and their Nextdoor feed is amazing. Folks threaten each other with murder and crap.


Goddammit, everytime I’ve almost forgotten those fucking books. . .

I signed up for my local NextDoor because of this thread. It’s really fucking boring. Just a bunch of moms selling chairs and Avon to each other, back and forth, forever.


My daughter brought home a few capsules of activated charcoal from a friend’s house after a sleepover and I gave it a whirl. The results were pretty impressive, so I went ahead and picked up a small container of the stuff off of Amazon and used it every couple days for a week or two.

It DID brighten my teeth by a shade or three. For me, it seemed to do about as good a job as the over-the-counter tooth-whitening strips, but was generally less painful than the strips (the peroxide in those strips hurts my gums after a couple days of recommended use).

But the mechanism may or may not have much to do with the charcoal. I suspect that the fact that I am scouring my teeth with a super-fine mineral powder, combined with the face that you kind of have to brush your teeth with normal toothpaste afterwards to get rid of all the black residue in your gums would have a whitening effect no matter what.

And that’s why I haven’t kept up with it, to tell you the truth: Using the powder is a ten to fifteen-minute process, as opposed to the minute or two for brushing my teeth “normally”… it’s just a pain in the ass.

So I’d say give it a whirl if you’re interested. It’s super-cheap (like $8 for a tin of the powder that will last you months) and it doesn’t seem to do any harm. Even if you read the dentists’ statements, they are all along the lines of “I see no evidence that this is good for your teeth”… which is a pretty far cry from “is harmful to your teeth”. I’d also point out that most dentists will admit that whitening your teeth in general “does no good for your teeth” because for the most part a cosmetic stain on your teeth isn’t harmful.


I did too! It’s like Facebook only with way more adds and way less interesting content.


My Nextdoor is also filled with people trying to sell their crap, as well as missing pets. Sadly, the answer to those is always “coyotes”. Oh, and that everyone thinks the ads from the ring doorbell camera are actually videos neighbors are posting, thus increasing the discussion about the huge upswing in crime in the city.


Those Ring ads must work, though. Half the city must have those things by now, given how often people post their own Ring stills.


::grits teeth::

Must. Not. Follow. NextDoor.


Rich, you’re down in Florida… I bet your nextdoor is LIT.


Way too many hoops to jump through. Send postcards to neighbors? Emergency contacts to email? Hell no.


Finely ground sand would work exactly the same lol. Sandpaper.



That’s been around forever. Someone sent clipped articles on the benefits of urine our way when my mother was battling cancer some 20 years ago. There was a similar picture in the article, of a young woman tipping a yellowy cup back. I was horrified. You’re not going to do that, right? No, no. She did fall for some Sunrider stuff though, and I think a couple of cans of shark cartilage.