Essential Oils And Other Holistic Bullshit


No, it’s not. You complain, and they get cut off completely.

Young Living has been fined in the past for this, so has really developed a thorough overview of what is and isn’t allowed. And this is not okay.

If you see it, and you don’t like the person, report them.


doterra doesn’t have the same penalty/rigor/reporting do they?


There are so many ways to be misleading without making specific, false factual claims though. :/


Yeah, I can’t argue with that.

Part of the problem is the it’s expansive to do the necessary trials to prove any of it worthwhile, so all you have is anecdotes. If something could be proven to be efffective, it can’t be patented, so everyone and your brother can just copy it.

So, all that being said, yes, the wording matters and it can be misleading. My wife usually sticks to how it has impacted our life but never talks about any thing beyond general well being and health.

As for doTERRA, my understanding is that you are on the hooking for a larger commitment to purchase if you go with them, but they should have the same rules apply. The products are probably comprable to Young Living.

That being said, my wife’s friends throw serious shade at them for being less professional or more dishonest but I am not sure how accurate any of that might be.

Me personally, if I see something like what was posted above, I get upset. Besides the fact they can’t make those claims (it’s borderline antivaccer territory), it’s also false. It’s a virus. The antibacterial properties won’t make a difference. It’s stupid and I hope you all complain when you see crap like that. As much as my wife loves the stuff, and we use it for cleaning or well being, it’s not medicine.

Medicine is medicine!


Yeah, I used to be a chemist, so when I saw this I literally laughed out loud. Who knew I was removing toxins all those times I stirred my solutions?


I dunno–it seems to me they are literally stating that their product has nothing to do with diseases, and then just relying on idiots to read it wrong.

Slimy as hell, but then, people are stupid.


Even though ingesting, applying topically or even diffusing scents of these EOs can fuck up small kids, babies and animals, I’ve seen them post to FB soon after clueless to the cause asking for more EO recommendations.

My nurse friend was applying them to her newborn until I filled her on what a scam it was.

Then there are those that add to food…instead of the actual ingredient like lemon as if the EO magical bullshit imparts more benefits.


I concur… But it seems really weird for someone to get a bunch on money on a Kickstarter to create…a piece of lab equipment that has been widely available for ages.

I guess maybe they’ll put the magnet into some pretty base.


I’m not so sure. Now, my degree is psychology, so no MD here, but most of the oils are pretty benign, and most are rated for topical treatment (and some, like Lemon or Tangerine are rated for ingestion).

If I check my bottle of Lemon Oil, the ingredients are Lemon. The Young Living Essential Oils don’t have any carrier oils, so that’s all you get.

The same for all their other EO. YL, and probably doTERRA don’t have any carrier oil at all, so there isn’t all of ingredients that can impact you. My wife usually uses coconut oils when she makes a mix to put on.

My wife has found that when she switch from scented candles to EO, she has felts a lot better. Scented candles used to give her a runny nose and a headache, so it’s been a nice change, since EO seems to not do that (especially peppermint, which I find, has been good when my stomach is upset). We also found that switching to the Young Living soap and laundry detergent had eliminated my eldest daughters eczema (I guess my daughter had sensitive skin). It likely that switch to any less harsh cleaning supplies would have done the same, but she was a fan of Young Living Brand and it worked.

Finally, I have to say, I like the Young Living Cleaning supplies, since it’s basically soap and EO. It’s a bit safer around the kids, especially compared to Windex or Bleach. I’m not as concerned about the girls trying to chug that stuff (which my parents have told me my older brothers did at that age because it was bright orange).

That being said, some of the essential oils are very bad for cats and other animals and there are a lot of cheaper oils that are mostly carrier oils.


Like my friend posted (linked above), you also need to factor in possible interactions with prescribed meds when considering risk profile. Which is going to be tough for trained professionals like pharmacists, let alone the layman.

That said, that’s not necessarily an “avoid at all cost”, but at the very least people need to tell their medical professionals they’re using this stuff.


I want some of that ebola oil.


Don’t we all!



" The oils I tried to use in place of my meds make me feel worse!! What oils can fix this?"


It smells nice, why doesn’t it cure me?


As a person that takes Ritalin thrice a day, I can honestly understand why some people would prefer not to take medication. My wife has anxiety, but elected to stop taking them several years ago (before she got into Essentail Oils) because of the side effects. It took her a while but she was very proud of her accomplishment.

I have several adult family members that have elected not to take ritalin in adulthood, despite having ADHD and working at in a busy office environment, because they felt the side effects were too great and have learned different coping strategies (stress and exercise, both of which release dopamine, which is shown to help with ADHD).

Medication is not for everyone. I wouldn’t replace it with Essential Oils, but if you have elected not to take medication, because of the side effects or on principle, then sometimes its helpful to have something, even if it’s only the placebo effect.

Oddly enough, my wife is also a huge fan of Valor, but she usually uses Surround on stressful days. If you are in contact with that person, perhaps you could suggest that.

Personal, I’m not sure if it has any impact what so ever, but I try to keep an open mind. She certainly thinks so.

Seems like a interesting topic for experimentation. Sometimes I really wish I were back in Grad School. And younger. And in better shape. And smarter. And nicer.


As a followup to this rant going viral, my friend has begun working on a site people can visit to learn about potentially risky interactions with their MLM “health” supplements:


@malkav11 can you ask your friend if she minds is I share the work with the antimlm subreddit?


Come on, you are part of that sad group?

I get where they are coming from, but so many of the people there are just in it to justify hating others and seem to revel in putting other down.


I mean she made the post public, so I assume it’s fair game. Note that it’s important that the site maintain a neutral tone because people who get invested in these things won’t use it if it feels judgmental and the point is to help them avoid negative health consequences.