Euro Truck Simulator 2: Slow Ride


I'll second the motion. It works flawlessly with every PC game I have ever tried to use a controller with, which is mostly driving/racing games including Euro Truck Simulator 2 and the occasional console port with poor keyboard and mouse controls (I'm looking at you Dark Souls...). As an added bonus, it also works as a backup controller for the 360 in case one of the wireless controllers runs out of batteries (or I am feeling too lazy to change the batteries).

A dongle for the wireless version would work just as well too if you already own a wireless controller for a 360.


The wireless one with dongle is more expensive (if you don't already have a controller that shipped with a 360) and the wireless version still has issues with a small number of games. No new titles AFAIK, but if you're starting out with a fresh purchase, I'd always recommend going with the wired version.


My dongle broke down after a year, and charging batteries to keep the controller going is a pain. +1 for wired!


I have a triple monitor setup, and when I adjust the FOV to give me a realistic view, I realize what I actually need is a five-monitor setup. :-) Trucks are really wide, damn.


Thanks for the recommendation. However I already broke down and ordered a G27! Now maybe I'll also have more of a reason to play GT5 more than the couple of hours I've put into it.


Well, for this game the G27 is obviously better then the controller: really having to stear adds so much to the fun! However, I'll still second/third the motion to get that controller anyway, it's usefull in so many ways!

As for the game: I play it on and off for a few hours at the time, so I'm not that far in, but loving it! I like how taking a heavy load actually makes a difference when rounding a corner at some speed (allthough I don't like the repaircosts that follow...), and I loved that one ride where I ended up in such dense fog that I couldn't see the car and traffic lights in front of me (allthough, again, I didn't like the fine and the repaircosts that followed....). Considering that I haven't even tried the management bit yet, I think I'll have fun with this game for a long time to come!


I have to agree. For me, I have been taking quick jobs here and there playing casually and building up my bank account to afford my own truck. This is for me, one of those simulation games that will remain on my HDD for a long time and occasionally pick up and advance my business. It's a good game.


I have a wired and wireless Logitech gamepad that works fine in every other game, but when I map functions like steering to the gamepad it just turns out so so incredibly wrong, like 90s uncentered Commander Keen not working dead zone fails wrong. I am waffling on whether I should send the G27 back and get a Driving Force GT or buy a wheel stand... hmm. I suddenly feel a bit reluctant since I'm not sure ill ever really use the wheel enough to justify it, and it does look like a giant tangle of wires... I've never looked at wheels before! The GT might have been a smarter purchase because I can't stand clutter.

Like I said they understand how to recreate the "experience" of driving rather than the technical details of driving, but I am eager to try out shifting with a real setup.


Back on sale guys! $14.99. Get it while it's hot!


I have an old ForceRS wheel/pedal combo (purchased in 2000 or something), but have no idea if it even has Windows 7 drivers- I'll have to check.


Do you need a force feedback wheel to get the most out of the game? My old xbox one broke so all I have is the Microsoft wireless wheel that doesn't have any resistance - just the wheel you hold up in the air.


I don't know how anyone can drive in any game for any length of time with that wireless floaty wheel. Do you rest it on your lap and just slide it back and forth? Serious question. I tried one for about ten minutes at work with Forza 4 and decided there was no way I could ever buy one.


I put in quite a bit of time with the wheel playing Forza 4. I keep my arms down by my sides and my elbows bent at about 90 degrees. Then just turn the wheel as necessary. Wheel is probably about at stomach level. Don’t hold your arms out away from your body. I think it wouldn’t take too long for that to become uncomfortable.


You don't need force feedback, although some sort of stability and resistance will be better than nothing.


By default the graphics were pretty bad. I think my scaling was at 28%. I bumped it up to 200% and the terrain looks much better. It was awfully pixellated before.

I took my second job and I'm driving on the highway. I think the truck has about 360 hp. It is dog slow accelerating and can barely go 60 mph on a flat area. A slight incline causes the speed to drop 10 mph or so. Is this how it is supposed to work or could I have something configured wrong. When I see trucks driving around they don't seem to have this much trouble picking up the speed.


Yeah the trucks you have at the beginning of the game are real dogs on the acceleration front. Supposedly it get's better, but I have not played the game enough to gain access to any of the later trucks so I can't verify for sure.


Sounds to me like you're not in the right gear??? The 60 is about right though: the trucks are limited at 90 kph, which is around 60 mph.

As for the force feedback: I find I do need it, because even though 60 mph/90 kph is slow, the truck still gets very twitchy at that speed, and without feedback I would be all over the road....


I was driving in automatic, so I think the gear was correct. I think Dr. Killinger may be right in that the beginning trucks are just dog slow.

I was doing OK driving with a standard XBox controller.

I'm not a truck guy so I don't know if this has enough to keep me playing past spending a little time with the demo. Not much to do driving to a destination on the highway that takes 20-30 minutes of real time.


There's listening to Euro-tastic radio stations, of course! (I'll admit it's more fun if you have a passing familiarity with German, French and Italian, in that order)


I'm totally in love with a French radio station thanks to this game. ;)