Eve Online

Anyone here playing this? I know it is a few years old…but i have just recently gotten the game (after the Star Wars Galaxies fiasco)…

I am really enjoying it, at the moment anyways.

Just wondering what you all think about it. I noticed that they haven’t released a pay expansion pack, but instead have released some large content patches…i really like that approach.


I played the trial a while back and it seemed pretty decent. The only thing I didn’t like is how it seems like it takes heaps of coordination to play with friends. Unless I’m stupid there was no “follow” function (except when you’re in the same area). The issue there is when you went to warp or through a gate who ever was leading would break lock and you’d lose them. To me that was a no sale right there and I may as well play X3 or whatever.

seemed very dry and sterile to me. If college level economic simulators get you hot then this may be your ticket to MMORPG nirvana.

<troll> Bored me to tears. I went back to Jumpgate after 2 days </troll>

IMHO Eve basically has all the ingredients for an outstanding space MM game but what continues to come out of the oven is pure blah.

I really feel that an X style ability to control fleets of ships ( while your online and off ) would go along way in making the game much more fun. It would beef up the universe with PC traffic and let you jump around to whatever fun things your ships are doing at any particular time. I also think it would lessen the brutal all-or-nothing PvP aspects of the game while still giving plenty of PC ships for players to blow up.

I initially liked Eve, but then got turned off when I realized that due to the time-based training system, I would never be able to have skills on par with someone who had been playing signifigantly longer than me. I’m a pretty competitive person when it comes to online games so this was enough for me to call it quits.

I gave the recent trial a try and even in a decent corperation with friends I honestly found it so slow it was painful. It just takes so long to do anything or get anywhere… I seriously must have spent about 90% of my play time just travelling.

And I might be in the minority but I just can’t seem to get over the fact that no matter how much I play it will still take 6 days of real time to train the next skill I want. Playing all weekend wont help me get the skills to use that new ship I’ve bought any quicker. It got to the point when I was only ever logging on to start training a new skill. I guess it just wasn’t for me, which is a shame because I love the idea.

CCP is probably right now the best MMO development studio.

You may not like the game but they are doing great things with it and the huge increase of subscriptions (slightly below 80k) is a direct demonstration.

Another exp pack is planned for December and another one around June of next year.

They are working hard and really well.

The game is also going to be launched in the eastern market (on a separate server cluster).

i can understand the complaints…but right now, i actually have no complaints…the “leveling” system makes so much sense to me (even if i still am having a time trying to figure out WHAT to train.

This system makes more sense then strictly fighting to level up…

I love the premise of the game…the gameplay is very…slow paced…but that is ok for me. If a game can suck me in like this…then i have no problems with the time it takes to do anything. traveling doesn’t seem to bother me…it actually makes me take a break.

I guess what i am interested in most, though…is how they are doing their expansions…they are all included in the subscription…at least that is how I have read it. That really says a lot to me about the devs…

Felt more like an all consuming void to me.

HRose is certainly right that they are going from strength to strength. I played for for longer than I have any MMO (which doesn’t say that much, because it was only 4 months :) ).

If you make the effort to get involved in the corporations, it’s a damn sight more fight. Not really a solo game - join a decent PvP corp and laugh your arse off.

I dunno, I’m concerned about all the scams that have happened in Eve Online, this is one of the major reasons I’m not trying it.


All two of the publicized scams, you mean? Oh, man, I’d hate to point out the hundreds of password, PHISHing, and similar financial scams in just about every other MMO on the market. Not a month goes by that you don’t hear from some Customer Service rep that people need to “please, please, don’t give out your password…or that {company name} will never ask you for your password…”

I don’t mean to come down hard on you for this: I just dislike the distortion of your statement. Eve is not plagued by scams any more than any other MMO out there. Hell, you get 4 people in a room, and there’s a good bet that within a couple of hours, one of them will have scammed at least one of the others out of his or her money.

After reading the article in Escapist Magazine, I don’t think he would agree with your statement. And Eve-Online itself says that the “game is open-ended, the players create the game”. I’ll give you an example:

In WoW, a player didn’t realize how enchanting worked, and put his green into the “trade” slot instead of the “do not trade” slot. The enchanter took his item. The GM in WoW got it back because it was a mistake. Now, after reading that article, it seems as though that player would be hosed in Eve-online. The article points out that this is not necessarily a bad thing, but you have to know what you’re doing because the Gamemasters (ie the people who run the game) aren’t gonna save you from mistakes like this.

That is somewhat of a concern to me as a noob trying to play a complex game. I don’t want to try to get started, invest a good number of hours only to be taken advantage of because I’m not uber in the game.


Once again, you fail to have grasped the incidents referenced in the Escapist magazine. Each incident could have been replicated in WoW. Easily. In fact, I’ve seen a number of issues come very close, and the WoW GMs are unresponsive to something on this scale.

Take, for example, the WoW auction house and enchanting materials. There are a number of players (even experienced ones) that don’t seem to understand the nature of “minimum bids”, and how they’re default formulated in the game (the base of the formulation is the price NPC vendors are willing to give you). Since enchanting materials have no NPC vendor sell price, their effective default minimum bid in the Auction House is 1 silver.

One of my money-making methods for the AH is to periodically log in with an alt, and scan the auction house for 1s minimum bids of enchanting materials. Go ahead, scan your own. I’m betting you’ll find more than one. Place that bid, and then follow up on it to make sure you eventually get the item. Then, when you’ve acquired it, immediately resell it, undercutting everyone else. Instant profit, you’re making money off of the ignorance of others, and the GMs will do nothing to stop it.

There’s a certain point, and I think the article speaks to this, where you have to be responsible for your own actions in an MMO. The game can’t protect you from all human interaction. If you want that level of safety, I’d suggest one of the many single-player RPGs on the market.

The scams I’ve read about (I don’t think I read the Escapist one because it seemed a rehash of a much older story) have involved huge sums of in-game currency. By the time you get to that stage, there’s no way you could be considered a noob.

Exactly we are talking way high end shit going on that most people will never ever see unless they devote a lot of time to the game.

I played for a few months, got up to piloting battleships… Really dug it, but the mission content was rather limited. There’s other stuff like Complexes and PVP, but even after joining a 0.0 space corp, I didn’t get much of that.

Oh, and a lot of the guys running corps are total no-lifers. I basically got shit because I would ask what was going on when I logged on (I was expected to keep up on two boards, alliance and corp, before I bothered anyone with such questions.)

Anyway, not playing any more.

I only ever got up to the midnless mining. What else is there to do? Specifically.