Ever get an urge to finally play a game that came out a long time ago?

Like I’ve got STALKER and NWN2 just… sitting here. I haven’t felt compelled to even touch STALKER yet but Dungsroman’s bitching makes me want to open NWN2 and play it just to rub it in, I think.

That’s practically the only gaming urge I ever get. I basically stopped playing new games when I got introduced to WoW three years ago. I didn’t stop BUYING new games, but very few things got more than a token hour or two before getting added to the “To Do” pile and going back to Blackwing Lair.

I was about two thirds of the way through GTA: San Andreas before WoW swept me away, so I basically don’t need to buy any new games in 08, and still have an amazing library of stuff to play.

I’m away from my consoles for the holidays, but I’ve got Pirates! and Hitman: Blood Money on my laptop for when I’m not doing the family thing. (The copy of Uncharted my brother got me isn’t going to help shrink the ‘to do’ pile any, though.)

Oh, and last week I installed Warlords III, playing it for the first time today.

How’s that for delayed?

I recently played ‘Day of the Tentacle’ for the first time.

p.s. You can’t quote the title?

Based on a ‘recommend me games’ thread a couple of weeks ago, I got the urge to play some old-ish GCN games that I missed the first time. Eternal Darkness and Gladius. I would’ve got Gladius for Xbox but I didn’t know if it was on teh back-compat list and my xbox 1 was stolen last year.

Well Warlords 3 came out in 1997 and Day of the Tentacle come out in 1993. So, in your face.

I still have unopened boxes with Warcraft II and Starcraft in them. I am still waiting for the urge.

Every couple of years I feel the urge reinstall Sacrifice, but I never get past the third mission.

My backlog includes some very old games. I really mean to play through Savage Empire & Martian Dreams one of these days. Honest!

As for more recent stuff, I still want to play through Jade Empire in order to keep up my Bioware Fanboi reputation, but I haven’t gotten around to it so far.

Yeah, I’m trying to figure out where my Sam 'n Max Hit the Road disc disappeared off to. Also, having just finished Half-Life 2 (yay, Orange Box!) I also have a bit of a craving for another shooter, except that I don’t seem to have anything else more recent than SWAT 4. :(

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Ha ha ha, be my guest you big jerk. I got it working now anyway, for whatever that’s worth. It’s mildly less clunky with the patches and expansion MAYBE since I’ve heard MotB might introduce more bugs into the OC AND WHO DOESN’T LIKE MORE BUGS?

Seriously though, I play old games all the time. Typically I buy a new game, get pissed off at it because either A) It’s too buggy (for instance, NWN2) or B) I just suck at it (for instance, STALKER) or both and then I go “Hmmm, you know, I have all the Splinter Cell games yet I’ve never actually played any of them.” And then burn through a couple of them. A notable exception to this was the Orange Box games, I ripped through those starting Day 1 with Portal.

It’s only tough if you are some insane graphics whore or a flavor of the month type like Dave says. You don’t want to be the guy Dave makes fun of, do you? You just called two games only a little over a year old as coming out “a long time ago” so you’ve got some ground to make up, sonny.

Although my favorite part is when I install an older game and then it doesn’t quite work and then I go to some forum and most of the tech replies are “Did you update your drivers?” No, I totally forgot to update my drivers so your 4-year-old game would run on my PC that I had built last year because my time machine broke. Jerks.

Well my wife bought Me Sid Meyers’ Railroads out of the blue for me as a Christmas gift (Did I mention I love this woman.) and Pirates! got some serious play this year.

I’m pretty much at least a year behind the curve with a few notable exceptions.

I just finished Thief 3 about a month ago. That came out in 2004 I think.

I know what you mean. The other day I wanted to play Fahrenheit (that’s Indigo Prophecy to you Yanks), so I put in the DVD and the install program won’t run. I check the game forums and apparently it doesn’t run at all under Vista. Atari’s excuse for not commissioning a patch? “Sorry, Vista doesn’t seem very game-friendly at the moment.”

Fuck you Atari. I can see if this is a really old game (although Blizzard still updates Starcraft and Diablo to run on newer systems, but I shouldn’t hold you up to the standards of respectable game companies now, should I?) but a 2005 release that you can’t be bothered to get it to work?

Watching through the mammoth 5-disc Blade Runner set has been making me want to install the game and actually play it.

Nostalgia and rose-tinted glasses tell me it was a good game. But we all know how accurate those are.

While I often go back to games released eons ago, I find it more interesting that you consider STALKER and NWN2 as games that game out “a long time ago”.

Neither of them are more than 18 months old.

I’m considering buying Fable.

After Assassin’s Creed, I kinda realized that I’m a little shootered out.

Stalker is a 2007 release even.

By my standards, or at least my former standards: old.