Evergreen container transport stuck on the suez canal blocking 12% of all world commerce

They should try adding more water.

Is the man directing ship traffic to blame?

Very dramatic music from the Suez Canal Authority

Where is @BiggerBoat , we need expert level explanation of the situation.

If the ship sinks and it destroy the world economy, is going to be the most dumb topic for a movie ever.

Imagine the movie about this very slow dumb disaster

Expert opinion:

That boat was too damn big.

I fully expected this to be scored to the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme.

Ok, did it myself:

Don’t worry guys, they’ll have it free in no time!

there a “your mom” joke in here somewhere.

not the same type of ship, I believe

This really seems like a “You had one job…” type of situation here. Is this the thread where we post all the Suez Canal memes?

The best photo I can find of one of her class showing a bit of what’s under the waterline is this one:

It looks like it has a more standard bulbous bow than the one with the uptruned bulb in that picture. Though it’s impossible to tell how far it extends under the waterline. It could easily extend to the same length as the deck extends above the waterline. Plus she’s probably grounded not just starting where the bow broke through the wall, but the side of the channel is probably a mudbank that even more of the ship is sitting on. Even the best dredged channel is going to silt up on the sides, and the Suez is probably not the best dredged channel.

As I mentioned in the WTF thread, they are saying they’ll have it unstuck this weekend. Divers and suction dredges are being deployed. They only have a couple of hundred thousand tons of mud they need to move.

Edit: might as well throw the marine tracking line in here too:

Have they tried feeding it Cracklin’ Oat Bran?

So I haven’t read anything about them trying to unload some of the cargo to get her to float higher. I wonder if 1) they’re already doing this, I just haven’t read about it 2) she’s mostly empty 3) it’s too hard to do/won’t make a noticeable difference.

Also, this is a perfect opportunity for one of the big truck companies (Chevy, Ford, maybe Tesla) to show a video of their truck towing her free. Would be an amazing commercial.

I think they are delaying that, because that have his own risks and the moment you start doing that, you are looking at weeks long delays

Yeah the problem with that, I read, is that there is not a suitable floating crane suitable within Egypt. So there would at least be a few days delay on starting that simply to get the required equipment in place.

As mentioned they can’t unload cargo since there’s no crane capable, plus they can’t really unload much fuel and/or ballast because that could make the boat dangerously top heavy. A capsize would close the Suez for a really long time.