Everything is terrible, Brazil edition

So, correct me if I’m mistaken here. He went from “Stop whining about the death rate” to “buy all the vaccines.” Because upcoming election?

At this point not supporting vaccines is political suicide and he knows that. Also, he sees vaccines now as the easiest way to get everyone working again, since he knows very well that the two presidents impeached in our recent history were impeached because of the economy, which is being completely ravaged by COVID, even more because it’s completely out of control here. And since staying in power is the only thing that interests him, he has to support vaccines or he won’t stay in power. I believe that if there was any way for him to remain in power without supporting vaccines, he would choose that other way.

Of course, he still thinks most people should go to work and leave older people isolated (though, with the increased mortality in the 20-50 range with the new variants, there’s much less support for that now among the general population), and he still thinks chloroquine and ivermectin are effective against COVID (which they are not). And he doesn’t care who lives or dies as long as it’s not him, and as long as he stays in power. So the “stop whining about the death rate” is still very much in effect.

So he’s just a Trump that speaks a different language. Thanks for the explanation.

Edit: Just heard that there is a new variant there. Scary stuff. Please be safe.

Bolsonaro is worse than Trump. Trump was overall worse because he was the president of one of the most powerful nations in the world. Brazil isn’t. But Bolsonaro is more violent and uncaring than Trump.

We must have a dozen variants here at this point, and the current rate of vaccination means Brazil is getting the perfect setup for new resistant variants to arise due to natural selection pressure. It’s a matter of time until there’s one or more that the current vaccines won’t work against, unless something changes drastically and quickly.

I don’t know, he seems even less competent, but it helps that it’s not a two party system. This time.
Hope you’re ok, @rhamorim . Your smiley face (and being seemingly upbeat) makes me forget you might not be.

I certainly didn’t mean to belittle your suffering. I’m just seeing this from the outside. Sorry.

Nah, no need to be sorry! You didn’t belittle my suffering at all. It’s just that you don’t get to know how bad Bolsonaro is, so I’m elucidating that. ;)

BTW, is the next election going to be Lula vs Bolsonaro? Or are there any credible politicians we might not be aware of this side of the Atlantic?

He is less competent, but there’s more malice. That makes him more dangerous than he seems to be.

I’m privileged. I can work from home, and when I go out I can use my own car, so I’ve been more protected from infection than most people. So I’m well (or rather, as well as I can be) for now, but that can change at any time. I hope that isn’t the case.

That’s not very likely, though it’s possible. We have no good candidates currently, but at this point I’d vote in almost anyone that goes against Bolsonaro, so there’s that.

This literally reads like the first line in a novel about a serial killer.

There is circunstancial evidence that Bolsonaro and his family may have ties with paramilitary groups (militias) operating in the state of Rio de Janeiro and they might have something to do with murders of influential politicians there. So maybe there’s some serial killing in that story.

Jesus wept. So sorry man. Any way things can change?

Yes, there are many ways that things can change, for worse or for better. But there’s mounting pressure on Bolsonaro now, which wasn’t there before (or at least, not so “isotropic” as it is now), so despite the turbulent times, I’d say things are actually looking better than they were a few weeks ago. There are too many variables there, though, so we have to wait and see.

I do not believe that he’s less caring than Trump.

He’s definitely terrible… So was Trump. I don’t know which is worse. Might be a case of “what’s the worst airline?” being whatever one you fly on most.

When it comes to whether Bolsonaro or Trump is more uncaring it’s not a point worth arguing. We lack the technology to measure such submicroscopic levels of care so we’ll never know.

Well I look at it this way. Trump was a narcissistic scumbag. But Trump had no intellect, no intelligence.

Bolsanaro seems to have both. And more.

He’s not particularly intelligent. Thank God. He would be some orders of magnitude more dangerous if he were. In some ways, Bolsonaro is dumber than Trump. Or at about the same level.

But here’s the thing - Trump was never in the military. Bolsonaro was. Trump never praised a torturer in front of someone who was tortured by that person. Bolsonaro did. Trump never mocked people dying from COVID, even if he didn’t care for them. Bolsonaro did a “I can’t breathe” impression around the time we had about 250.000 people dead because of COVID.

Trump is a petty, evil man. Yes. But Bolsonaro has the kind of dangerous malice that Trump lacked. Trump is the kind of man that could order someone killed, but would not kill anyone himself. Bolsonaro doesn’t have that “problem”.

I’d agree with this statement. Trump might be more uncaring, but Bolsonaro is more violent.

Sounds about right.