F.E.A.R. Extraction Point

A little pimpage, we are releasing the demo for the F.E.A.R. expansion pack tomorrow at 10.am pst.


<Pimpage ends

Nice! How’s the response been on the free MP?

I loved FEAR. Can’t wait for the expansion.

Pretty good, lots of downloads, and the number of players has jumped a lot.

Also, there is a bunch of good mod stuff appearing, including a co-op mod and some old classic FPS maps from older games are popping up too.

Nice. I really enjoyed the game. Though the “creepy bits” and the “shooty bits” never really seemed very interconnected, they were both entertaining in their own rights. The ending pretty obviously screamed sequel, so I’m glad the story is continuing.

Sweet! I am all over that shit.

Awesome, phat pipe is primed for download.

I thought i’d resurrect this thread now that the demo for the expansion is out. I’m suprised that no one is talking about it on any of the game sites I regularly visit.

It seems like more the same in terms of gameplay with a few added twists like a minigun and some new enemies that are kind of freaky. Really, as long as they don’t mess too much with the combat I can’t see how they can go wrong.

Goddamn freaky bits still freak my shit out. Maybe I’m easy, but man, I still get the cold chills when spider girl skitters across the air vent 'n shit. Ugh. KILL THEM ALLLLLLL

I had almost forgotten how much I like the combat. Sweet little demo, gets me tweaked up for the whole thing!

Anybody else find it odd that the expansion is made by timegate, the guys who did Kohan?

When’s the full expansion coming, how much, and how long?


Oct 24th

Monolith and Sierra ended their relationship after FEAR was released. Sierra ended up with the FEAR name and the rights to make sequels so they brought in Timegate to do the expansion. Timegate has been working on their own FPS. Supposedly Monolith is working with Timegate in some capacity to ensure they get the FEAR setting right.

Monolith is taking the engine and will be releasing a new FPS using it at some later point, published by someone else.

As for the expansion, I’m actually undecided at the moment. It was so much of the same that I found myself rushing through the demo. The new weapons and enemies shown provided brief interest, but without some sort of story hook to explain what I was doing it seemed rather shallow. I guess they didn’t want to reveal too much in the demo, but it would have helped.

Is Warner Brothers developing a publishing arm?

Any torrent up for the demo?

I don’t know. According the wiki on F.E.A.R., Monolith will be creating a direct sequel to the game but can’t use the name and it will be published by someone else. It’s not clear what Sierra has the rights to other than the name, but along with the expansion they are also making versions of F.E.A.R. for XB360 (this fall) and PS3.

Technically, they’re publishing. We (Day 1 Studios) are making.

I would pay double that if there was a mod that switched the enemy models and voices with Cobra forces.

And if it allowed you to yell “Yoooooooooo Joooooooooeeeee!” in slow motion when using the bullet time power.