Build more radar dishes to help keep tabs on what’s going on. Potentially even make some radar outposts for early warning.

Well I ended up laying down 400 accumulators to go with my 552 solar panels and just disconnecting my coal fired steam turbines, and that worked for a while, but as I started spooling up production for purple science the power draw started to exceed my night-time capacity, so I set aside 40 U-235 and blew the rest on making enough fuel cells to power one reactor for the next 25 hours.

I know this is far from the most efficient design, but it satisfies my current power requirements.

I have not given up! Purple science is really taxing my layout abilities. I am starting to fear that my “new utopia” will suffice only for this, and that for yellow science I’m going to have to make an entirely new factory, ffffffuuuuuuuu

I remember one fun thing at night being when the critters attack, and the power draw would make the lights all flash as the laser turrets took their shots.

I finally installed this from Game Pass, and spent some time today. I’m enjoying it, but being 3d it is more awkward than Factorio.

These games make me think maybe I should’ve tried Industrial Engineering.

Oh no, I caught the facotrio bug again - primarily unmodded. It took me a few hours to get a basic automated, linearized factory going, the main bus is wonky, but I’ve reached green research automation. I’ve animated a few friends to try multiplayer later tonight.

All while I’m humbled how well it all runs. It doesn’t break a sweat, while relayouting the Windows 11 Task Manager eats more CPU than this thing moving tons of entities and rendering it all:

Is there an automation game with a top-down view that does multiple z-levels? So something like Factorio combined with a world like Dwarf Fortress? Or perhaps do one of the 3d games allow you to switch from first person to an overhead view?

Try Drill Down. It’s a really great production based mobile game (also available for PC on Steam.) Factorio-like with multiple z-levels and you have to run production chains between the levels.

My modded Space Exploration game was hitting my I9 13700 pretty hard. Granted I had a couple dozen active planets with associated spaceship network. I believe my UPS was down to around 45.

Pyanodon’s mod has still got a hold of me. I think I quit a few times early on trying to deal with all the byproducts. I finally got logistics bots this week and looking to move from the spaghetti base to a rail block base similar to my SE setup. With all of the ingredients and byproducts, I don’t see how I can easily grow with just belts and bots.

That looks wonderfully insane.

It is

I’m pretty sure Timberborn does.

lol. I fired it up, and reading the initial things that pop up. “Oh, a coronal mass ejection” and another, and another. Solar system map, and galaxy map have prereqs to use, but there is a little map button so I click that. “What are the x’s on the map for the coronal mass ejections for?” - sees jet of plasma carving its way towards me “OH!”. Came within a couple tiles of being burned to a crisp. I wonder if all starting worlds are subject to that, or if it was just the procgen.

You will eventually get tools to mitigate, but always seemed to go after my solar farms early on. You can check which planet will be hit and when under the SE tab.

I put that to the side for the moment, figuring I should at least go back and finish vanilla. So finally after 6 years I’ve completed 2 runs to launching a rocket.

I guess for vanilla unless you just want to keep building a mega-base, try some of the other starts, or shoot for a faster time/greater efficiency you should probably move on to one of the mods? There is no goal other than whatever you want after the first launch, correct? You just keep launching and researching the infinite endgame techs.

Has there been any news or ETA on the expansion?

I think the last thing I read was an update last year shooting for some time this year. So no idea at this point. They haven’t done their Friday blog posts for quite a while. I imagine (hope) it will be worth the wait.

I kept playing my 2nd run a bit longer, trying to resolve some of the issues with my base, railing in more coal and ore, and finally getting a decent grip on how rail signals and chain signals work so I can successfully set up lines crossing each other, or merging lines together. I got circuits down for the most part, and have my oil processing controlled by that. There is certainly a lot more I could do there.

So I guess next thing is a better idea of how to use bots. I tend to have roboports splattered everywhere in a mesh, but if have outposts connected to the main network and they are off the plane of the rest of the base, the bots will try to go straight line to the other area traversing over territory not in the network and run out of power, instead of tracking along the path of your logistics network. I’m surprised they didn’t do something where it gave a much heavier to territory in the network versus out, but maybe that would be too taxing on UPS. I read that some people use roboports very sparingly, and only in certain spots. So one thing would be to rail the supplies needed to a nearby location, or dump it in the car, get to the spot, set up some buffer or provider chests with the supplies, pop a roboport, and let loose a bunch of bots to throw everything together.

I’d be happy with that!

What’s up @jpinard @vyshka @Perky_Goth:

So the expansion is more streamlined Space Age with less limitations! News just broke.