Build more radar dishes to help keep tabs on what’s going on. Potentially even make some radar outposts for early warning.

Well I ended up laying down 400 accumulators to go with my 552 solar panels and just disconnecting my coal fired steam turbines, and that worked for a while, but as I started spooling up production for purple science the power draw started to exceed my night-time capacity, so I set aside 40 U-235 and blew the rest on making enough fuel cells to power one reactor for the next 25 hours.

I know this is far from the most efficient design, but it satisfies my current power requirements.

I have not given up! Purple science is really taxing my layout abilities. I am starting to fear that my “new utopia” will suffice only for this, and that for yellow science I’m going to have to make an entirely new factory, ffffffuuuuuuuu

I remember one fun thing at night being when the critters attack, and the power draw would make the lights all flash as the laser turrets took their shots.

I finally installed this from Game Pass, and spent some time today. I’m enjoying it, but being 3d it is more awkward than Factorio.

These games make me think maybe I should’ve tried Industrial Engineering.