Failing Trump administration. Sad!


I mean, you know the first thing they’d need to do is lock up Spicer’s Easter bunny costume. That egg roll ain’t going nowhere good.


Subway Jared’s already in jail for being a sex offender, so he can probably provide valuable counsel to the White House…


Yeah, he can teach them how to build a fifi and cook family dinner.


What about Gilbert Godfried? I think I’d prefer him to either Jared.


The White House Chief of Staff is literally one of the most coveted jobs in Washington in any Administration. The fact that nobody wants the job 2 years into Trump’s Administration speaks volumes about both the unprecedented challenges of dealing with an infantile and ignorant President and the Republican party’s expectations of what is coming soon via the Mueller investigation. Not even the worst of the worst want to board this sinking ship.

It’s going to be Jared (or even Ivanka) by default.


It’s Mick Mulvaney!




Mulvaney’s Wikipedia page is already being defaced by yucksters.


Another person who’s practically a criminal and moron. Great!


Consistency, thy name is Trump.


The best people.


Bright side? At least he’s not in the CFPB?


Why does he say “Acting Chief of Staff”? Is this a temporary appointment until he finds some other sucker to take the job permanently? The Boston Globe headline said “Mick Mulvaney will serve as Trump’s chief of staff on interim basis.” (I couldn’t read the actual article because paywall.) I mean, it seems like basically everyone appointed by Trump is serves on an interim basis, whether they realize it or not at the time.


I think it’s the White House accidentally acknowledging that he’s not really capable of doing the job, even though he’s been appointed to the job. Or maybe he’s still trying to convince Jared or Ivanka to step into the role. Or maybe they think he has to be Senate confirmed. All of these are entirely possible!


I’m not familiar with this crook. Can someone catch me up?


One thing he did was pay to play. He would not talk to you unless you donated money to him.


Mulvaney? He’s the budget director.


So - how many Mooches before Mulvaney flees?


Wait, what?

It this were a Tom Clancy novel, this would just be the cover for the next assignment of Reince Preibus, superspy!


Gross. This is for 2 reasons. Lobbying and future run for office.