Failing Trump administration. Sad!


I’m tired of the talk. Talk is worthless. Ignore the talk. Wake me up when any Republican actually DOES something.

I expect it will be a long while.


In the big picture, the only way forward for the Never Trump/sane-conservative group is to split off from the GOP. They just don’t have the numbers on the right to take over the GOP. They also don’t have the numbers in the center to come even close to winning a general, which is why this option is incredibly unappealing to most potential candidates. However, it is the only way forward: split from the GOP, lose general elections while damaging the GOP and making the Dems win more often, and eventually become a centrist option by appealing to the moderate wing of the Dems as the Dems are likely to move left due to winning as well due to reaction to past GOP excesses. This is incredibly risky: it means being a loser for multiple cycles and helping the opposing party in the hopes of future growth. That’s why no one on the right has yet done it.

However, it is also the only way forward. There is simply no sign of any meaningful weight that the GOP is going to return to sanity, reject it’s reality-denying/racist/idiot facets, and in fact, there is no mechanism within the current GOP to do that: the entire cycle of the right wing media machine drives to extremism. So the GOP is going to keep going to the right (culturally, not economically) and the only question is, will the non-insane GOP folks continue to furrow their brows, hold their noses and go along, or will they grasp the nettle of losing elections and helping Dems by splitting from the GOP.

At this point, I think some kind of split is inevitable but it might be a minor flash in the pan is someone without much national following, like say, Flake, leads the split. If someone with a bit more national rep leads the split like Romney or Kasich, it would be more viable, although still a big time loser in the short term. But the only other alternative is Trump-adjacent candidates all the way down.


Yeah, the real work is getting on the ballot in all 50 states.


Trump’s death grip on the GOP exemplified:

The three things you need to know to understand this tweet are:

Don’t expect heroics out of this bunch.


The only way this happens is if the Koch Bros fund it.


Zero reason.


This is probably more likely the first shot in the 2024 election. Romney will spend the next six years griping about Trump (if he wins re-election), but then voting like a reliable Republican, or the next two about Trump and then four about the Dem President, then run in 2024 again.


Watch a Trump economic adviser just straight up lie about a bunch of shit, and get called on it in real time.


Do we know where they are currently at with Trump? I seem to recall that there wasn’t a lot of love there previously.


The Fed does not report to the President. A real economist would never even suggest that That guy is such a political hack it’s ridiculous. Good for her.


Wow… he totally lies about the Volcker Rule at the end there. Was he just making things up?


Yes, basically everything he said is a lie.
And she’s totally right, he, specifically, was calling for higher interest rates during Obama’s term, threatening that we were going to have hyper-inflation.


I hear they’re writing a book called The Truth from Trump. It’s two cardboard covers glued together.


… and before the day is out:



He’s totally different from Trump. Romney’s camp prisons for children separated from their families would allow for TWO hours of exercise and activity instead of just ONE.


So, I can look past the fact that he wrote his good bye note in red crayon, but did he really write an at-sign? Why? WHY? Forget corruption, guy should be in prison just for that. HE WROTE THE AT SIGN ON A HAND WRITTEN NOTE.


He should have just written it was his high honor to scam that American people, the end.


Craven right on schedule.

I mean, if you can’t stand up to Trump over something as idiotic as a border wall that will never work, what will you stand up to him about?


Seriously Romney is Ronna’s uncle, WTF. I’ll never understand what’s in the Koolaid the Trump Republican drink