Failing Trump administration. Sad!


Constitution? Sounds like fake news.


This Politico story sounds identical to how many sister and I treat our 92 year-old mom. We don’t say “No mom you can’t take care of cat, because you can’t move and can’t remember to feed her, we say Mom we need to get some help in place before we get you a cat.”

Adult Day Care is really the perfect tweet size description.


Not that I would vote for them or want them elected but I hope in the next year or two a republican emerges who could challenge Trump for the 2020 nomination.

Having someone competent as an option might get many anti-Hillaryites to vote against Trump given a second chance. Of course while having someone competent may make the world safer it might also mean GOP legislation would actually have a chance of getting passed.


Having someone like Corker against Trump would be the death of a Trump re-election. The problem would then be beating the Corker clone.


This is weird.



Occurs to me he looks kinda like an older Spicer who finally found a suit jacket tailored to his body.


The resemblance is freaking uncanny.


Selling a war?


I wouldn’t read too much into it. It sounds to me like Mattis doesn’t want to show up on TV disagreeing with Trump, so he’s going to get his subordinates to do it instead.


Reading the article, it sounds like Mattis is asking them to talk to help promote the need to keep defense budget thresholds high in the looming tax/budget battle, and that’s about as far as it goes.


Life comes at you fast, part 4,581:

This morning:

Four hours later:


The Trump administration, one of the wealthiest in modern U.S. history, is facing widening criticism over travel expenditures among some of the billionaires, budget hawks and business executives who head federal agencies.

Inspectors general have opened at least five investigations into charter or military flights by Cabinet officials amounting to millions in federal spending. Their decisions to veer away from cheaper commercial flights have led to criticism from Democrats in Congress and government accountability groups about a culture of entitlement in Trump’s administration.


God - Damn this Trump fellow is a whiny little bitch. I’ve never seen anyone complain so much.


Why is this so hard for you snowflakes to understand? Trump just wants to be accorded the same respect his foreign predecessor, Barry Hussein Obummer, received.





Shocked, shocked!


head to the lifeboats…


Either get the straitjacket and the net, or kiss your ass goodbye.