Failing Trump administration. Sad!


But we’ve been hearing shit like this from day one.


Have we?

I don’t remember it coming from longtime friends and confidants before.


What lifeboat? They don’t call the global thermal nuclear war for nothing.


Keith Schiller quit last month after Kelly told Schiller he needed permission to speak to the president and wanted written reports of their conversations.

He was the last of the real crazies that I know of in the White House, except the president of course. At least now the only batshit insanity to contain is what is generated by Trump’s own mind.


Stephen Miller is still there and is as equally as bad as the rest.


Miller’s got dead eyes… like a doll’s eyes…


The problem with a failing Trump administration is I feel he’s very likely to launch a nuke or do something equally catastrophic as a parting f-you fairwell. Let’s hope his advisors tackle him when that time comes. The man should be in prison.


How do we know it is this time? I would love for someone to actually come out and say that. It is being reported that Bannon thought Trump would be removed by his own cabinet before his first term was out.


I’m honestly not that familiar with him, other than having heard his name come up a lot in the last two weeks as a possible replacement when/if General Kelly decides he’s had enough.


Forgot about him. I stand corrected sir.

Isn’t this the same guy who said he has gotten along with Trump so well because he was subservient?




In the article: Kelly favored the deal on DACA with the Democrats, but then Hannity called Trump and
told him to drop it and take a harder line…so Trump overruled his Chief Of Staff to listen to Sean Hannity.


To quote Heinz Guderian in the last couple of months of WW2: ‘The mess we’re in is fantastic!’


This whole administration is the most absurd disaster this country has ever seen. Clown shoes, all of them.


Funny enough Bush II at this point had caused for more damage through his invasion of Iraq than Trump ever has - hundreds of thousands dead and the region in chaos. Trump does seem to reflect the contemporary social media perception of the world where saying something wrong is worse than doing something wrong. Trump is a horrific embarrassment and is eroding democratic institutions from the top down - but his greatest crimes so far tend to be those of inaction and incompetence.


No,Bush II’s was just more immediately measurable.


Hey, Bush hadn’t invaded Iraq at this point in his presidency, only Afghanistan. Give Trump until 2019 for that comparison–or better yet, don’t!


While your point is well taken, I don’t know what metric you could use to measure destruction of institutions vs. lives lost.


We’re only 8 months in. Cheeto has at least 3+ more years, and he’s not showing signs of improving.


At this point in the Bush II ouevre, we hadn’t invaded Iraq at all. We were just a month out from 9-11-2001.

His administration’s culpability for that, now, that’s a contender.