Fall 2017 TV shows (returning and new)


Lets talk about the new and returning shows this Fall season, most of the new ones will probably suck! At least The Good Place and the Exorcist are returning for 2nd seasons.

All premier dates:


New shows:

I’ll watch Reverie, Ghosted, and Orville for sure, not sure about the other new shows. Oh and I will hate-watch the new Star Trek also.


I do get where you are coming from here, but just a warning - if you go in expecting to hate it, you’ll definitively hate it.


Yeah… I went through that list and not much seemed worthwhile. Perhaps I’m just getting old and jaded though!


The Good Place is the best new show from last year and I absolutely cannot wait for it to come back!

Not only was it excellent throughout, it capped off the season with one of my favorite TV season finales of all time.


Agreed. I wasn’t expecting a lot of The Good Place but boy did it deliver. So great.


I haven’t watched a full season of American Horror Story since the 1st one, but I’m weirdly attracted to AHS: Cult.

Also, Ken Burns Vietnam War series should be good.

And of course, Stranger Things 2!

Edit: Supernatural is on Season 13? Holy smokes! Is it still 99% Angels and Devils, or has it finally gotten past that rut?


Angels v Devils was basically the first five seasons. Since then both things certainly show up a lot (including some Lucifer antics!), but it tends to vary up its season-level threats a fair amount in the later seasons.


Well, I didn’t consider the Yellow-eyed man Angels & Devils as much. But (from memory) seasons 3-7 or so, seemed like every episode was war for heaven related, and it got kind of soap-opera-esque, IMHO.


Orville premier tomorrow, also Fear the Walking Dead and Vice Principals both return!


How’s this for a summary?




My thoughts thus far:

The Orville - Better than I expected in terms of production quality and actual sci-fi content, but can’t seem to decide if it wants to go “real sci-fi with light humor elements” or “ribald comedy in a sci-fi setting”. I really hope it chooses the former, because I think it could succeed if it does.

Narcos Season 3 - Holy shit. Tense, exciting, so very interesting…this is the best season of the show yet, and that’s saying something! I highly recommend.

Fear the Walking Dead Season whatever I lost track - This show started out with a lot of promise, quickly fell flat on nearly every level, and has slowly, painfully clawed it’s way back to something actually worth watching. The most recent plotlines, on the ranch and across the border, are actually fairly interesting, with complex characters and motivations that put the main characters at odds. I’ve actually enjoyed this so far since it’s return. Haha, I like Fear the Walking Dead.

Looking forward to the return of Stranger Things and The Exorcist (which against seemingly all odds turned out to be a great show last season!). Also anticipating the premiere of The Gifted, a show my daughter is actually excited to watch with me, so I’ll take what I can get!


No Saturday Night Live premier listed for today’s date. Three premiere’s tomorrow: 60 Minutes Season 50, Star Trek Discovery on CBS and CBS All Access, and a series called “After Trek” on CBS All Access. I’d not heard of that one. Sounds like a behind-the-scenes documentary maybe, from the name?


I commend you for sticking with it. I just couldn’t make it through. I think the last episode I saw was someone killing walkers on a beach through a fence. I realized for the most part I couldn’t stand the vast majority of the characters. Not in a “Oh, Strand is selfish bad guy” kind of way, but rather “I really hope almost everyone gets killed off so they have a chance to make new stories with new people that might actually be compelling” manner of speaking. I’m glad to hear they started to turn it around.


Did anyone catch the first episode of the Will and Grace reboot? It was surprisingly not terrible. I love all the actors, which helps of course.


Nope @Papageno. :p

Tonight is the premiers of Ghosted and Wisdom of the Crowd. I got 2 DVRs recording shows now.


I watched Ghosted. It was terrible.


Given the previews I was both afraid of that and expecting that to be the case.


Sadly I have to agree. Ghosted had potential as a humorous X-Files/Fringe kind of thing but the execution was simply terrible. If it had just a little intelligence behind it at all, it could be good but it not only lacks that, it lacks anything resembling humor. It needs to improve immensely or I doubt it will last through October.


Pilots often suck (I thought the first episode of Community was dull and lame and stopped watching until I got word of mouth how good it had gotten), so I’ll drop into Ghosted around Ep. 2 or 3 and see if it’s any better then.