Fall 2018 TV shows (returning and new)


I watched the season premier of Finding Your Roots on PBS. I never plan to watch it, but if it’s on, it draws me in. On this episode they were doing George R R Martin and Andy Sandberg.

Poor George, instead of finding more of his ancestors, they turned a fourth of his known family tree into a question mark. Louie, who he thought was his grandfather, DNA tests showed wasn’t his grandfather after all. His real grandfather was a jewish man, but the show couldn’t track down who it could have been.

Meanwhile, Andy Sandberg’s Mom was adopted, so she had no idea where she came from. They found out her mom was this Jewish woman who was the daughter of a lady who was an artist in Bombay (India). And her dad, they found out through DNA, came from this little town in Sicily. They tracked down a member of the family who happened to be in the Navy and stationed in San Francisco for a year at the same time that Andy’s Mom was born. And they tracked down other members of that man’s family, and they had family photos of him, and in one photo he was on a date with who they considered a mystery woman they knew nothing about.

So that was all really fascinating. They tracked down a whole new family tree for Andy Sandberg, and they obliterated George R R Martin’s family tree and replaced a fourth of it with a question mark.


Goldbergs returns tonight, if anyone isn’t watching it they should be, it’s outstanding stuff. Tonight’s episode is going to incorporate/retcon The Wedding Singer, looks like, and I’m chomping at the bit like an anticipated video game dropped today to get home from work and watch it!


Such great TV tonight. Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Good Place and finally Star Trek: Discovery. Such great episodes all around.


Maggie’s new show starts next week.


HBO’s gonna kick some ass this year.


Wow, that trailer makes me want to subscribe to HBO for the whole year.


It makes me want to subscribe to HBO for a month at one point in the year! Which I was going to be doing anyway, as I do every year.


Haha same, around the time VEEP and Deadwood show up, then I’ll catch the final episodes of GoT also.


Yeah, I do the same. But the result is that I generally don’t end up watching many HBO shows, since a month isn’t enough time to catch up on many of them. I always meant to watch Deadwood, for instance, but never got around to it. I guess if there’s another season of Veep coming up, then I need to catch up on any existing seasons post-Selena presidency. That new John Goodman show is probably worth watching because of John Goodman. And a whole bunch of the other shows shown on there. But I never have time for most of them, since I usually only do one month a year. Which is enough to watch some Game of Thrones this year, and maybe Deadwood.

Edit: New season of Silicon Valley, Barry, Wyatt Cynac’s Problem Areas, aww man, too much good stuff.


I just watched the Whiskey Cavalier pilot and really liked it! It’s rare a pilot pulls me in this much, I’m interested and excited to see where the show can go.


Oh crap, I forgot all about that. I kept meaning to watch that after the Oscars, but the ceremony went so late, I went to sleep immediately afterward.


I watched it on Hulu, my TiVO only got the last 30 minutes or so due to Oscar run over, so you can catch it there if you are so inclined, or wait as it re-airs Wednesday.