Fall 2020 TV shows (returning and new, maybe?)

Be interesting to see what the fall tv landscape looks like. These are just some of the new planned shows.

Lots of TBA on that list.

Interesting. Call Me Kat is based on the excellent BBC comedy Miranda. That could be good. The rest looked pretty meh to me.

The future of TV does not look good. How many times are they going to remake a classic series and attempt to make it new and edgy by gender flipping? This season its Kung Fu and The Equalizer. Even worse for Kung Fu, it brings the series to the modern age, destroying one of the best parts of the original Kung Fu, its setting. That slate is very depressing.

Also Walker, Texas Ranger is getting a remake with Supernatural’s Jared Padelecki. I am not interested in this, either.

Yeah that sounds to be especially bad.

Well at least Padelecki will bring the same level of acting talent that his predecessor graced us with all those years ago.

Padalecki can be a lot of fun to watch, but that series just doesn’t interest me at all – and I even kinda liked the old one. I just don’t see Sam without his Dean – but Classic Walker had a great sidekick in Trivett, so who knows.

I guess given its success I see why they’re building out the Arrowverse with more superhero shows (Superman & Lois, the expected Green Arrow and the Canaries, tangentially-connected Stargirl) but I just don’t care to see that expand anymore – it’s already too much for me to keep up with.

Nothing on this list excites me a lot, although B Positive has a decent cast and might be worth giving a shot.

I just saw an article that said the CW is pushing all of their main series back to January 2021. The one exception is that they plan to finish off the Supernatural’s series finale episodes in the Fall as a “special event” kind of thing. I figured it was inevitable and will be standard for all the networks but this is the first I’ve seen in the form of an official announcement. Looks like Fall TV is mostly dead this year.

Woah! I wasn’t going to even bother checking the link, but I had to after this post. I love me some Equalizer. And even though I loved the show in the 80s, it’s really the Denzel Washington movies that made me realize how much I missed that type of show when it’s done well. (Type of show being, the hero helps a new person who is in trouble every week, see also: The Fugitive, Early Edition, etc.)

I’m down for a Queen Latifah Equalizer if it’s done well.

We need a Quantum Leap remake.

I loved the original Equalizer. It was, as you said, the hero helps the underdog type show but it also had a rich underlying mythos and while Woodward carried the show, the characters from his past, like Mickey, were excellent and added a lot of depth to the show.
I’m not against a reboot per se but I just feel that gender flipping has become Hollywood’s easy and lazy path to a reboot. That being said, of all the shows on that list, this one has the most potential to actually be good.

Get back to the original time travel TV show!

That’s what time looks like. It’s a tunnel!

Woohoo! Amazing Race finally coming back. I believe they filmed that season a while ago according to someone in the last Amazing Race thread.

Nice list. Thanks mikelogan, and welcome to the forums.

CBS schedule looks pretty bleak aside from The Amazing Race.

They’re going to air the first season of Discovery on CBS. I hope it gets great ratings.

Wow thats bad. I might drop local channels from my Satellite company, as there has been almost nothing good on for months now. And that looks to be the case into next year.

Its pretty nuts that that season has been sitting on the shelf for 2 years now. Guess they’ve been holding on to it for just such an occasion where they need a dependable old show to fill the schedule…

How much will that save you? Just curious.

$12 a month, just for local channels. HD antenna isn’t an option due to mountains.