Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin


Who sinks 4,000 hours into a game? I mean, a decade of some MMO, maybe, but 4,000 in a game from three years ago?


Catasses and poopsockers.


Any game with a comprehensive construction kit





Especially when said person is a modder.

They do a lot of QA personally.


If you want to cringe, have I got something cringeworthy for you! Zenimax paid a bunch of twitch streamers and Rick & Morty (Justin Roiland, in character) to stream F76.


(Breaking the embed so it doesn’t mess up everybody’s browser.)


I cringed just reading that. :D


Oh dear dog! Just make more R&M.


It’s a couple of hours of Roiland trying (and failing) to engage the streamers in conversation and extemporaneously crack jokes in character, most of which don’t land.


I didn’t make it far into the stream, the cartoons were annoying.


They paid to have Ninja play this game, because where ninja go, the subs and followers follow. But Ninja play more arcade games, this type of game where you loot aluminion plates and filter your water before you drink it… is not in his space.

Is too bad nothing clicked or had any chemistry.


Not sure who here ended up preordering and has got time to play today, but I’ll be looking forward to hearing impressions post release.


I bought it earlier on a lark. I’ve already played a little bit in beta so I think I can get a little fun out of it, but I fully expect it to be a trainwreck. I just kind of wanted a front row seat. :) I’ll hop on tonight after work if it’s up!

One thing I will say about F76 is it gives me a glimmer of hope for at least the potential of having coop in Fallout 5 or Elder Scrolls 6. They got all the networking stuff in the engine now, so maybe it wouldn’t be quite as much work to enable something like that in future games. That’s all I’ve ever really wanted. F76 definitely isn’t Fallout 5, and I really don’t like playing with strangers, but I do like how “Fallout” the game felt just because it’s the same engine, interface, assets, etc.


I’ve been watching someone explore and quest on Mixer (playing on PC). It seems like the early launch means he’s currently all alone on the server.

And seen like that, it’s kind of fun to explore the wasteland, develop a character and enjoy some of the standard Fallout 4 gameplay sans NPC’s.

I really have no clue how the experience will change and whether it will hold up when others show up. But, so far, I’d play that.


That’s the big worry. I hate random idiots online. After I get killed by my first few hackers flying around the sky like a friggin’ AC-130 gunship, I’ll probably hang up my hazmat suit. Just hoping to get in some fun before then, and/or when everyone else leaves the game. :)


This hurts me. :~(


They did get networking in the engine, and all the concerns about cheating don’t matter when you play co-op with friends rather than in a MMO-like persistent world with dozens of other people.

Problem is that in single-player RPGs you change the world. In Fallout 4, at one point you finish a major storyline quest and the Bros of Steel airship enters the world. In others you build settlements, you can kill named NPCs, etc. How do you make all that work in multiplayer? Answer is, probably, you don’t. You just don’t do that stuff. And that would be compromising the single-player game everybody wants for co-op.


I don’t get what the problem is? You just guest in the host’s game. So your game might have a settlement, your friend’s might have killed a named NPC.