Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


That could work, done well.


Now this seems interesting…

I need Vats in far Cry!


Exactly what I hoped it would…n’t be. Yet another reskin.


Borderlands 3, are you here? I think somebody want to eat your sandwitch




So regarding Far Cry 5…

Main game is worth it, but story is disappointing. Skip all the DLC?

@Jason_McMaster I know you streamed a lot of this, I needs your opinion.


I never played much DLC, but I love the main game.


The main game was great. The DLC was mediocre, but I’ll give Ubi credit for trying different things with it. Unfortunately, none of it was very good.


Thirded here. Main game good, Viet Nam DLC ok-to-meh, other two DLCs just complete bollocks.


Main game only then! Thanks @Jason_McMaster @Telefrog @scharmers


I’m an apologist for the sci-fi DLC and the Vietnam DLC. I think they’re both distinct types of experience with their own sense of style, pacing, progression, and risk. The sci-fi stuff even has its own cool traversal mechanics with the jet pack and how it interacts with the terrain and combat.

The zombie stuff, however, was junk. And I say that as someone with a very high threshold for zombie stuff that’s junk.



I have hundreds of hours in FC3, FC4, and FCP.

FC5 is the worst FC ever. Even without the shitty plot and Bliss bullshit? Still worst FC ever.


Ooh, can I play Rank the Far Cries? Because for me, it’s Far Cry 2 is best, Far Cry 5 is second best, and frankly I couldn’t care less about any of the others. I’m pretty stoked for Far Cry 5: Apocalypse Montana.


P.S. I keep forgetting Far Cry Primal is a Far Cry game, even though it’s right there in the title. But it turned out pretty good once it got a survival mode jammed into it.


Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Assassin’s Creed: Origins? Both better Far Cry’s than FC5.


Definitely this. Playing Wildlands with friends was 100 times more fun than anything I did alone in FC5. But I’m one of those who think the FC formula has become incredible stale.


But was that because you were playing with friends, or the game?


Both, I guess. There are tons of co-op games that are bad, but the Ubisoft formula didn’t feel as stale when I played Wildlands with friends.


My ranking would be Far Cry 2 (at the time, not sure it holds up as well today and I did try to play it a few months ago with less than stellar results), Far Cry 4 (loved it for some reason), Far Cry 5 (great environment and gunplay, arty and ambitious if horribly flawed ending, terrible story otherwise), Primal, Far Cry 1 (until the sci-fi stuff), and bringing up the rear Far Cry 3 (um, no redeeming features that I can remember).


I can’t understand this. Virtually every shooter has better “gunplay” than FC5. I picked up Titanfall 2 right after I finished FC5 and the gunplay in that blew me away. They felt so much better, more satisfying, with much better sounds. FC5 is flat, boring. The bow is also useless – a cardinal sin for FC.

I also don’t understand how you could rank FC4 first/second but FC3 last when they’re basically the same game.