Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


Co-op trailer:


(Watched without sound).

That looks like a lot of fun. It’s not easy making fun coop sandboxes, but Ubisoft is finally getting good at it.


This game looks gorgeous! I never knew John Turturro moonlighted at Ubisoft.


That one guy in the video does look a lot like a young John Turturro.


Holy crap that looks beautiful. I wish it wasn’t a Far Cry game that was using this world. Has anyone seen anything that might shake up the usual Far Cry formula? Maybe a greater emphasis on exploring instead of icon following?


Fishing! Tom is gonna like this game!


I just hope you don’t end up working for a faction that ends up being just as evil, if not more evil than the faction you are fighting.


Very impressive visuals the but vast majority will be playing in on regular PS4s and Xbox’s. Not the Core i7, 1080ti machine that this video was probably recorded from.


I am really not interested in another Far Cry at this point. But it turns out I am interested in some high production value fishing!


I am very, very ready to kill a bunch of red state Americans.

You know, in a fantasy videogame WHEE FUN sort of way, I mean.


I’d pay an extra $100 for this if they wore MAGA hats.


I will gladly buy $1000 of FC5 loot crates if they wear MAGA hats.


you do know you are sounding much like them right now, do you?


Look, I just love loot crates, man.


I thought that was a "joke "?


It’s more fun if you can’t tell!


They’ve been waiting for you to work up the balls to try. : P


Well it’s time to climb off their sisters and get to their gun racks, because @wumpus is comin’ to town!


I am in the mood for a mass shooting.

in a video game only, of course.


That’s the only place where I’m dangerous. : )