Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


Well it’s time to climb off their sisters and get to their gun racks, because @wumpus is comin’ to town!


I am in the mood for a mass shooting.

in a video game only, of course.


That’s the only place where I’m dangerous. : )


Please. I’m from that part of the country and can tell you, it’s not “sisters”, it’s “livestock”.


Far Cry is probably the most successful series at getting me to buy and then only play a few hours. Usually because of some hook that works well enough in marketing or early, shallow review to get me to pull the trigger.

So is this one going to finally get co-op right? If so, I’m in.


Was this the case with Primal? I see it on sale on the ubi store, tempting me.


GET IT! It, when the survival mode came along, is my favorite Far Cry game ever, and tops off even Black Flag as favorite open world game ever.

But please - play it with Survival mode on! IF you are feeling REALLY adventerious, play it in Hardcore mode even.
I can recommend @tomchick stream, where he did just did that.


Found it, will watch today!


Primal is an awesome game. I only played it a few hours, but will definitely get back to it soon ;). I’ll counter @Razgon a bit, survival mode is great but hardcore mode slows it down too much for me.


Delayed to March 27th.


Nice! More time to clear the winter sale backlog before the release.


Hope Springs… Eventually?


Yup. This is a Far Cry game.


Yep. Same game, different location. I might be too jaded on open-world games to play this but we’ll see. I’m a sucker for beautiful outdoor environments. If there really is fishing in this game, I’ll likely play it just for that.

At least you can’t crouch in tall grass and casually whistle the enemies over to you one at a time, a staple of most games I’ve been playing lately (Mad Max, Mafia III, AC Origins, Uncharted 4, Sniper Elite 4…).

Or can you?


Mad Max had no grass!


Just checking to see if you guys were paying attention. Yeah, that’s it.


Not sure I can stomach another Ubi game… but if I can hold off on the DLC for Wildlands maybe this will be fresh enough!


Far Cry 3 “Classic Edition” will come with the Far Cry 5 season pass.


Maybe they can make the trees look good from a distance this time. That really bothered me. Every time I climbed a tower and looked at the vista and saw all those ugly trees, it made me want to stop playing. So I did.


I miss Far Cry 2 with the African grasslands and the buddy saving mechanic.