Far Cry 6 - Giancarlo Esposito and guns, guns, guns

I don’t think that really counts since, while collecting bear asses is vital in WoW and a huge part of the gameplay, it’s not the sole aim of the game/ sim.

Right; there are also Goretusk livers to collect!

I am glad - at least so far - they got rid of the chests that would hold a cigar, a video tape, and other worthless stuff. I realized in past FCs there was no need to explore cave, etc. because the chests held nothing interesting at all.

FC6 just didn’t mix it up for me. I uninstalled (and ditched Ubi+) pretty much right in the middle of it, having taken big chunks out of two of the faction missions and working on the third. I’ve just played FC too many times, I think.

I hadn’t really registered before but it seems like the Far Crys are single biome settings, while the last two Ghost Recons are ‘multi biome’. Makes a big difference in a series where the worlds are the stars.

I agree, though I’m torn on whether one biome done in depth is better or worse than multiple biomes done well but perhaps not as intensely. Aurora or whatever the Breakpoint place is called has some great variety, but I’m not sure that each individual region is as well thought out and executed as, say, Montana or Yara.

Wildlands might be the best of the bunch overall though.

I was just telling my kid that the last 5 years I’ve played hundreds of games but rarely play them very long……except the FC series. I just enjoy these to no end. Thought I was not going to enjoy this one as much but I’ve been playing well over 25 hours now and can see playing it as much as possible going forward.

Something about it being not too hard core but just fun. So much to do and explore. My favorite game series of all time over Zeldas and AS:Creed, Mario’s…although I did love the Ultima games way back when.

FC forever.

Far Cry 6 is lot of fun. Lot of simple, easy, casual fun. I like it. Hell it might be my favourite since FC2.

But I wish it had some kind of survival mode (no I haven’t played Primal yet) that would focus on immersion, eliminate most HUD and made surviving and building the Libertad organization hard and challenging process. That would make ammo a precious commodity. That would make every weapon upgrade and car upgrade meaningful. That would make vehicles use gasoline so finding gasoline would actually be useful. That would force me to sleep/eat/drink or suffer consequences. That would limit healing possibilities and made the buffs you can unlock actually useful. Etc etc.

Such a design would make this from 8/10 to 9/10 for me.


Breakpoint had a go at that.

In the end these games are junk food, but damn tasty junk food. It’s Donnerkebabs at 2AM on the KuDamm gaming.

Yes, I played Breakpoint in its most survivalist mode possible and it was great.

One drawback of having 200 different weapons/armours/vehicles is if there’s any genuinely cool stuff in there, I just might not find it. I’d finished the thing before I stumbled on the cute Angelito flying car.

And also, so many of the weapons seem so similar that I was struggling to find a reason to play with the cool-looking uniques, when a kitted out normal weapon was on paper at least a lot better.

A famous jazz musician, can’t remember who, many years ago, was asked his opinion of pop style music. He said, well, it’s like a candy bar compared to a full 7 course gourmet meal (jazz.) Then he said, but sometimes you just want a candy bar.

Far Cry has always been a really good candy bar of a game to me. My brother and I are playing RDR2 (his first time, my replay) and we have started playing FC6 in coop, and we both remarked how cartoonish it is switching over from RDR2, in every way. But we’re having a great time (FC6 does coop pretty well in terms of how smooth the gameplay is.)

Make sure you find the flying car!

If you do the races, one of them takes place in said flying car.

Edit: I don’t think this is a spoiler, but just in case.

I had a go at this with Primal, turning off almost all the HUD and indicators I could, then switching it to the hardest difficulty. It was…not a great experience.

Please sell me on this. Preferably before my Epic Store coupon expires.

I posted my impressions in Breakpoint thread, starting here