Far Cry 6 - Giancarlo Esposito and guns, guns, guns

They really wanted to nerf the whole sneaky silent kill cheese a bit, what with the crappy “three shots and it’s on fire” suppressor deterioration. OTOH, the auto-target throwing knives (with the right gear) are nice for silent headshot kills up close.

For me, though, poking around at level 8 or whatever maybe mid way through, the SVD has been the best thing I’ve found. Very good sniper rifle, better than the only “unique” one I have for sure.

I didn’t even realize until a while ago though that the bad guys do not drop any guns. Every weapon is either a purchase, or found in crates or as rewards for Bandidos ops or whatever. No drops per se. Not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, it means a lot less frantic looting of stuff for little gain. OTOH, I always like finding the weapon on the bad guy that the bad guy was using on me.

I think officers can drop guns, but it’s pretty rare. They do drop the high-end crafting materials.

Progression is pretty stunted, I’m halfway through the second area and everything is rank 4. As far as I can tell that’s the best equipment in the game.

Yeah, nothing higher than that that I can see. Then again, the stuff that is available is pretty effective. Not sure what you would do to make things progress to higher levels or whatever. But the net effect is that halfway through the game the lure of new shinies sort of peters out for sure.

Just give higher level enemies more health and damage, and higher level equipment more armor and damage dealt?

Better than stopping progression entirely hallway through.

I have a feeling the progression in this game wasn’t very well thought out.


But is there enough ubistuff to do? :)

Nope. It’s handled… lackadaisically.

I’ve played around with FC6 enough to be asking myself:

  • Did Ubisoft just not give a fuck about this game and basically threw it out there with unbalanced systems and successful systems straight up nerfed from previous games? “Here, here’s your parachute and grapple. Oh, and you can’t take over most bases any more. They respawn. We don’t care anymore.”


  • Is Ubisoft giving the hoary FC3 formula one last hurrah before moving on to exclusively games-as-a-service? “Here’s Cuba, er, Yara, and Gus. Go fucking crazy.”

Will we ever know?

Like I said earlier I watched the credits, an entire small town worked on the game. How do you just end progression halfway through?

Parachute, wingsuit, and grapple seem identical to the previous 3 FCs to me. You just don’t need to really earn them. Which is fine, because the traversal stuff was so critically important in previous games that you had to make a beeline to get them immediately anyway.

Rumors are already flying that Far Cry 7 will be online-only.

Sure, but then either it always feels the same (guns match bad guys) or it’s uneven all the time. I would prefer you go from barely able to make a dent in the bad guys to overpowered walking avatar of death.

As for things like wingsuits, I find the parachute fine but the wingsuit is useless. It doesn’t really give me any lift. It’s almost like falling straight down. OTOH, the 'chute actually deploys rapidly so there is less splatting on the ground from base jumping.

But yeah, as @scharmers says, as much fun as it is (and I’m enjoying it pretty well) it does seem half-assed all the way around. The environment is good, the gunplay is good, the look is good, but nothing is great. Maybe this is just Far Cry; I mean, most of the games sit in that “good but not great” category, with the sheer quantity of generally well-executed stuff pushing them into “very good” sometimes, if you like the formula. But this one does seem to lack any soul. At least 5 had a sort of “Hillbilly Elegy” vibe to it. This one can’t decide whether to play it totally for laughs or to try and go Godfather II on us.

I’m glad I did my usual routine of “let’s subscribe to Ubisoft+ for a month just to play this one game” routine. I have this real feeling that what I’ve done in the first ten or so hours of FC6 is exactly what I’m going to find myself doing ten hours later. It’s a reskin of a reskin.

FC6 is gonna be on sale for 15 bucks in, like, no time.

Oh I don’t think so, they usually take well over a year to get there.

The core open-world gameplay stuff doesn’t change throughout. There are a bunch of fun missions, particularly the treasure hunt puzzles though.

I agree with all the critique points everyone has, but yes - the special missions, the ones you get from…I wanna say Lulu? Are pretty fun! Are they called operations? Or something like that?

I like the idea of smaller, tight operations with a clearly defined goal in the sandbox.

I have not done the Lulu missions. The wording implies they are co-op only? I’m playing solo so I just ignored them.

You can play them solo, as they scale :-) When you start one, there is a SOLO button as far as I remember.

Excellent, thank you!

Those special ops are lifted straight from Far Cry New Dawn.

This game is an amalgam of the previous games.

Healing animations and near instant respawn are from FarCry 2. General structure from FarCry 3-4-5. Speaking protagonist from Far Cry 3/4. Special Ops and enemy levels from New Dawn.

I am having fun with it but it is low effort kind of fun. As Wombat said, it is good, but not great.

I have doubts Ubisoft is even capable of creating GOTY-level game.

Hi there,
I would like to talk with you about Far Cry Primal (Survival mode, that is), GOTY of mine for quite a few years!

Perhaps. Then again, I don’t need GOTY, most of the time. I just need “worth what I paid and fun for what it is.” Ok, yeah, I’d love something with more depth as well, sure, but I don’t really look for that in games these days. I look for that in books or music or other creative arts; in games, I look for diversion primarily.

Primal is very good. I need to, um, get back to it and finish it one day, for sure.

The only Far Cry I skipped, because I was super not into the prehistoric setting. But you are a second person I know who swears by its survival mode so I will get to it eventually.

That’s fine, I just find it a shame that with its resources and 10 000+ developers, I came to expect mediocrity from Ubisoft.

Last two games from Ubi I gave 9/10 were Far Cry 2 (2008) and Watch Dogs (2014).