Far Cry: New Dawn - It's Far Cry 5.5

Well, the first one it is, and on the PC of course, as, um, that’s all I got.

To provide bit of hype

download link for the mod if you want it is in the description of the vids

Cool, I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

I fired up Watch Dogs, the first one. Some of the basic framework of the game is pretty cool. It seems a bit too much like GTA, which I was not a fan of, but has enough of its own thing to make it different. I am not a fan of the perspective or feel of the 3rd person view. The one in say The Division games is much less floaty and more responsive. Driving is, eh, like driving with a M+K always is, not terrible, not great. The story is damn dark and yes, Aiden is an asshole.

I switch to gamepad for the driving bits only. Makes them a lot nicer.

I have an old Xbox for PC controller I guess I could use, I suppose. Not sure I want to invest the time in this yet though.

That is very pretty. Thanks for the heads up!

Nice. Two more music artists for me to explore.

I wish the Chicago on the PS4 had looked that good.

I actually really loved everything about the camera in WD, and interface. And both those things got worse in WD2 (camera was much more zoomed out from my character and UI was all pastel colors and shit)
I did play both games with Xbone controller though, as I do with nearly everything these days.

Oh, yeah, my tolerance for different third-person views is very idiosyncratic, I admit. Here my issue is mostly that it feels like there is a disconnect between my mouse movements and the character movements, so that it feels like Aiden is kind of gliding/stumblng everywhere. This isn’t so when I for instance hit the cover key, and he moves on his own, only when I’m controlling him directly. Contrast that to The Division, where it’s crisp and direct all the time. Just a personal thing, though I am pretty sure that it’s optimized for the gamepad.

I get what you mean, Division definitely felt more direct. Same with Wildlands that I am playing now.

Different engines I assume? The Division is Snowdrop, I think.

And Wildlands is Anvil Next (AC engine) and WD is Disrupt, which should be I guess different from those. Ubi seems to spend a lot of time on mantaining several different engines.

I don’t think those are different engines in the way other people use the word. The wing mirrors and brake lights might be different but the ubiengine is universal :)

Yup - I have seen some reused assets from Primal ,in a few other games. Also game systems, are obvious if you have played all the ubigames over a period of time.

Its not a bad thing - Actually, I think its pretty awesome and why they can make such massive worlds.

Yeah. There are always trade-offs and I think Ubi handles them pretty well.

Isn’t there a Watchdogs thread somewhere?

I just got past this part! Interested to see if the tone changes now. I expect not but it was a weird sequence.

Edit: Sorry Grifman!

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I love open world stuff, and Ubi’s in particular, but I had some trouble getting in to the original Watch Dogs, which I only tried the other day. Beyond the controls and general sluggish feel of things, I just had zero empathy for the main character and zero interest in his milieu.