Farthest Frontier - City builder from Grim Dawn developer

I could, but I’m not going to bother for $5. Besides, Crate has given me hundreds of hours of entertainment with Grim Dawn. I can give them another Lincoln.

I’ve seen a few videos of some streamers playing it - it appears very solid and playable. Maybe a few issues here and there or perhaps it could use some optimizaiton but appears the game is quite playable in its current state (I’m guessing they will perhaps flesh out the building tree a bit and maybe add more stuff to do closer to the endgame, whatever that is).

It definitely needs a guided tutorial or something. Right now, a new game start just gives you a menu full of stuff once the initial town center is built with a trial-and-error approach to figuring out what you should be doing.

It supports 3440x1440 for those that care. The font was unreadable on some screens, but luckily scaling up the UI fixed that.

Tutorial is turned on, but it doesn’t provide much (any?) info yet.

Yeah, I got it with the Grim Dawn discount. The opening is opaque. I could not figure out how to give orders, so I have to I guess watch videos? Gotta up the UI scaling too because even at 1440p it is tiny.

Good points about needing some sort of initial tutorial to get you on your feet.

thanks, I would have missed that otherwise. the small extra discount overcame my inertia and i bought the game, but plan to hold off playing it

I refunded it. Not because it was bad–it looks really nice. But I found it pretty fiddly, somewhat opaque, and probably not the type of game I’d really get into. It seems to be very good at what it does (and setting the UI scaling to 150%, the max it seems to have really helped visibility). Despite knowing what it was going in, though, I was bouncing off it pretty hard. I’ll see how it shakes out after EA though.

I am the exact opposite. I just sunk a few hours into this like it was nothing. I can see myself playing this a hell of a lot just as it is. It doesn’t do anything revolutionary, and the graphics are not as good as say Anno, but it just nails the growth progression curve that makes a good city builder for me. I haven’t even got my first crop in yet - 1,300 labour is needed just to plant a field!

It takes forever to create a map on my laptop.

And the first one I got into had only two lakes. Very little water anywhere else. So I rerolled it. And ended up in a map with zero lakes visible at the start. Sigh.

Oh, yeah, I’m sure it scratches the itch for a builder fan for sure. I think I should have paid more attention to the videos and stuff before EA probably. I don’t have the patience I suppose any more for this sort of thing.

Been playing the heck out of it. Had some save game issues (some disappeared) but I’ve been monitoring the save game folder and so far so good today. Coming off Against The Storm (which plays somewhat similarly) the lack of Tutorial wasn’t fatal. Great game if you’re looking for a challenging Medieval-y builder.

That sounds like you’ve got a very large field. From what I’ve seen it’s better to have a couple of smaller fields versus one gigantic one. Partly because smaller fields can be cleared faster, and also because when you get the field into production and are practicing crop rotation, you can have one field lying fallow while you grow beans or whatever on a different field. So you’ll always have some crop coming in.

The fields need a lot of Labor to get going - usually a few months to a year to clear. But after that it doesn’t require anything to keep working…

You are correct that you’re not forced to do maintenance once the field is in production. However, for working fields there is a “farmer action” you can select that I believe is them clearing rocks from the field. Guessing this will affect the fertility of the field.

It clears weeds and rocks which affect crops differently. To boost fertility you need to plant things that boost fertility like clover or legumes.

Hmmm, I need to test this out some more - I thought this was the smallest one I could make.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. I started a new field earlier that was a bit bigger than the minimum and it was 2000+ for the initial clearing/tilling. I’ve quickly learned to always be planning a year ahead on new fields.

I don’t hate that aspect, they clearly put a lot more realism into the farming portion than similar games. It is funny to compare to how quickly structures go up, though.

Also, I’m really enjoying this as a largely chill survival medieval city builder. I say chill because the pace is quite slow, which I’m all about in this case, especially as I learn it.

I’ll probably play my tier 3 settlement a little longer before putting this down for awhile. What’s there is a really enjoyable 10-hours of content town builder. Still needs work to make some things clearer, like, I had my herd of cows die with no warning or way to see what happened. Presumably they starved in the winter, but there is no way to know. Also there are a bunch of tooltips that should exist but do not or the existing tooltips leave out important information. Things like in tier 2 you can build a potter but the game gives you no information about what pottery is used for.

That being said, this game has already been responsible for a couple of nights where I’ve stayed up way too late playing. Always have just one more thing I want to get done before I turn it off that inevitably lead to two more things I just need to do quick.

I’m enjoying it as I build out to level 4 as I’m organically building something resembling a real medieval town… but a few nits:
-no where as polished as Against The Storm was 9 months ago, but still very enjoyable.
-they need a way to flag buildings with issues and let you quick jump there
-a medieval city with no church? Kills the look of the city.