Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)


It took two seasons, but it finally happened! Something that actually made me glad I watch Fear the Walking Dead!

The Elizabeth Olsen looking girl sees a zombie stumble over a balcony rail, plummet ten stories down, bounce off a ledge on the way down, splat onto the ground, and then get up and shamble away while other zombies fall around it. All in one shot. Great sound and great CG blending the falling dummy with the actor. That was totally sweet.



Agreed, the shots of the resort in this episode were very well done, especially the scenes you mention with the walkers falling over the railings in their efforts to get to the source of the noise. The whole thing had a great Dead Island feel to it.

My only issue with that scene is that after falling from that great of a height, wouldn’t the bones in the body break and shatter to the point where the walkers would be unable to stand up again? I mean, I get that they don’t feel pain, but if their leg bones are shattered and backs broken, the support wouldn’t be there to lurch upright again…

So the preacher/leader guy in the new settlement survived a bite? It kind of looked like maybe he or someone else cauterized the wound almost immediately after it was sustained? It looked blackish, like the area had been burned after the chuck was bitten/cut out. I’m also not really understanding what “the wall” is supposed to do. They say the walkers there protect them, so is the little town basically ringed by a huge walker pen, and this is why they aren’t attacked by the bandits and gangs?


So everyone stopped watching? :D

I have to say the 2 hr finale for the season was actually decent.

Just kill off a few more main characters and the show will be good.


Fixed it.


Watched all the way through this season. This second half of the second season was actually almost decent television. I find it very interesting that pretty much ALL the female leads in this series are far stronger characters (and far better acted) than the males. Every week I enjoy every scene with Madison, Alicia, Ofelia and now Luciana as well, especially Alicia, she has easily become the most interesting and strongly acted character in the series.

To be fair, Strand is an entertaining character that is well acted as well, but he’s not been given nearly enough to do this season, and looks like he will not be returning, which is kind of a bummer. Let’s hope they don’t pull a Glenn with Chris, that story needs to stay finished for good. While I dislike the character of Nick, I do think the actor does a decent job with it, and the storyline they’ve put him into is the most interesting thing the show has done to date, so I’m looking forward to finding out what’s going on there.

All in all, I think Fear the Walking Dead has actually managed to finish off season two fairly well. I wouldn’t call it a strong finish, but it wasn’t terrible, and is just interesting enough to make me want to return for a season three.


I am actually pretty excited for this to return. I mean it is almost impossible for it to be as bad as the last season of The Walking Dead.


I dunno, this show has shown a remarkable capacity to outdo Walking Dead in ways we never could have imagined.



Yeah, this show is just terrible. At least Walking Dead has some worthwhile moments.


Clearly the effects and makeup budgets are a lot less than TWD.


Ok, so I missed something.

When the blonde stabs the jerk in the eye with the spoon, and then gets surrounded… Then she lets him go… And then everyone is just cool with each other?

How did that happen exactly?


I was wondering about that myself, although we haven’t watched the second episode yet. I just got spoiled about the demise of a character, and I’m actually OK with that, since the writers had no idea what to do with him or her.


Wow…was not expecting what transpired with the helicopter scene. I sincerely hope they don’t magic dumpster that character back in any way. It was a good scene, and well acted. The character knew what was happening, knew what needed to be done, and did it, and the actor nailed the moment without having to really say anything. They need to simply leave it at that.

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of yet another instance of “our heroes find a group of people, things look OK on the outside, but things are not as they seem, our heroes discover this and chaos ensues”. Between TWD and Fear this has been DONE TO DEATH.

Also, where the hell is Ofelia? At the end of last season it looked as if she was captured at the border by a member of this same group, but apparently not as she didn’t show up in the scouting party or at the compound.


Ha ha, we’re still watching Fear the Walking Dead.

It looked to me like the actor nailing the moment was just as much a factor of the show as the story. As in, “It’s time for me to exit this terrible series…” :)

That’s what you get for paying attention.



Apparently he’s been signed for the next 17 Avatar movies, so from the frying pan…(as the young folks say).


More Reuben Blades, please. Somehow this show doesn’t seem nearly as stupid when subtitled. In fact, it would improve immensely if the rest of the cast was dropped and every episode set in TJ.


Indeed, this past episode was better than all of last season. :p


Reuben blades is definitely the best actor the show has.


Haha, I’m still watching Fear the Walking Dead.

The Daniel and Strand show is the best thing to happen to this series. Too bad it looks like they may have just broken up. I am really curious what the hell happened at the resort though, as they seemed to have a pretty decent handle on things when Strand left. We will probably never find out though, as there were no main characters left there to provide a story perspective.

I’m just not buying the whole survivalist camp thing. There are people that are surviving an apocalypse, many of them very capable people who don’t put up with bullshit that puts them at unnecessary risk. Troy is the definition of bullshit that puts everyone at unnecessary risk, even if he is the son of the founder. This far into the event, there is no way some of those folks would not have taken Troy out on a mission, put a bullet in his brain, and come back and told everyone that he got killed on the mission and they had to do what you do when someone dies in the new world.

I also was confused about what happened this episode between Troy and Madison. Was he going to kill her because she undermined his authority, or was he trying to sexually assault her? Whatever it was, she seems to have figured out how to defuse him with his mommy complex.

And then there are the Indians. Really FtWD? We’re actually going there?


We haven’t watched it yet, but I’m glad to see the show at least acknowledging Indians (I assume you mean the kind from Cleveland, not Mumbai). I had hoped we’d get to see something of how other cultures react to the ZA (unlike the parent show), and while the Mexican episodes were pretty poor, for the most part, at least an attempt was made.


Yes, Native American Indians, although I would be interested in a Walking Dead type show set in actual India, as the heavy population centers there combined with their social/economic/resource structure would present some unique challenges and interesting story lines (assuming competent writers of course).

If the show actually provides a thoughtful look at the Native American perspective on the zombie apocalypse then I’ll be happy, but as of right now it looks to be nothing but a cliché, casting the Native Americans as the barbaric bad guys as if this is a 1950’s Western. .