Feige: "Doc Strange sooner rather than later"

Here. Thought there might as well be a thread if that’s the case :)

Also he mentions “Phase 2”. I guess that will be things like Ant Man, Doc Strange, etc.

So who should play the good Doctor? Depp would be a shoe-in IMHO, he has the perfect face for the character, and would probably be able to imbue him with a slightly irreverent “man of mystery” appeal.


Gary Oldman with a huge cape.


Johnny Depp is already set to ruin Barnabas Collins by turning him into every preteen girl’s campy, wacky imaginary friend — Dr. Strange is almost as unsuitable for the treatment.


Timothy Dalton?

I believe it was Maleev who was drawing him like Sean Penn, which I really didn’t like. So, uh, not Sean Penn please.

Obviously, Daniel Day-Lewis would be great.

edit: Timothy Dalton’s a bit too old now, but he would’ve been great a decade ago.

Wesley Snipes.

Oh, DDL is perfect! Nice call.

It depends on whether they want to go with full fledged Sorceror Supreme, or whether they want to do the early career or Ultimate universe Doctor Strange.

Nothing would make me laugh harder than them doing Ultimate Doctor Strange and casting Daniel Radcliffe.

Who cares who plays Dr. Strange - I want 60s psychedelic disjointed Ditko universes! And old Gashead, which could be anybody (The Dread Dormammaramanamalamadamu).

Man, I know this is an unsustainable comic book movie bubble, but I don’t care, this all sounds so great.

What’s next, an Iron Fist movie?

Dr. Strange in the comic books was never as cool as he should have been. The character was always far superior to the story, at least in my fuzzy distant recollection of 70s-era Marvel, the last time I actually read a Dr. Strange comic.

This is one of those comics where an inspired writer combined with an inspired lead could in theory do a good job. Sadly the likely outcome is going to be an hour and a half of terrible origin stuff and superficial humor followed by a half hour of meaningless F/X in combat with some villain whose character and motivation are completely mysterious.

It’s taken me a long time to realize that the movie is a bad media format for comic book characters. This should not be surprising, considering the episodic nature of comics. I guess the best comic book movie I’ve seen in recent years is Iron Man, but even that movie just crammed in the action plot and villain fight at the end almost as an afterthought.

Fixed. There is absolutely nothing intrinsically wrong with motion pictures for telling stories about people who happen to have superpowers. If your conclusion was drawn from the observation that most superhero movies suck, then that’s your fault for forgetting Sturgeon’s Law.

Sure, but most movies about superheroes follow this same bad formula.

If 75%+ of the movie is an origin, and then a conventional comic book plot is tacked on at the end, it’s naturally going to suck unless there is some really inspired writing or acting. Sometimes they develop origins even when they don’t have to – the latest X-Men movie being a case in point, a prequel origin movie for no apparent reason.

If comic book movies came out as monthly serials, they might not be so generally bad, but they don’t. At least this latest round of Avengers movies is vaguely related as a collection, but so far most of them have just followed that origin+brief-lame-plot formula.

The Badger, Larry.

Costumes always look ridiculous on live people. Except in Super. & it’s always the same movie. Origin, love triangle, reboot.

I predict this whole cycle of superhero movies will be looked back on with the same astonishment and embarrassment presently reserved for '50’s movies about Biblical characters.

Have you read Brubaker and Fraction’s Immortal Iron Fist? That would be an awesome movie.

Sarcasm? Yes, they’re making one.

Yes. Kind of. There’s nobody attached to it yet, so far as I know, but it’s on their great big blackboard of ideas.

Which I think is stupid as hell, because if ever there was a superhero concept that was absolutely made for live action television, it’s Heroes for Hire. There’s probably a reason I don’t direct things like this for a living, though, so I assume they know what they’re up to.

Yes, but isn’t that what’s so interesting about what Marvel are doing with the Avengers?

I don’t know why movie buff people aren’t more amazed about it. It’s really something unique in the history of cinema isn’t it? Treating huge big-budget films more or less as a serial, all about the same universe? It’s not quite the same as “sequels” because they have different constraints (they have to repeat a trick in different forms).

So, now almost everyone is familiar with the main heroes, all the Avengers film needs is a little bit of exposition of them actually getting together, and then Joss has (theoretically, hopefully) been able to let rip with them interacting and fighting as characters most of the audience will be familiar with.

Anyway, yeah, that comment should be in the Avengers thread, but the way you put your perfectly valid comment there reminded me of what Marvel are doing different, and in a way, it’s like comics writ large.

The obvious answer is the hero we deserve:

Squirrel Girl.

Dread Rorkannu, Lord of the Dank Dimension!