Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age (HD Remaster Take All My Money)

And without White Mage Ashe you’ll lose and you know that.

LOL well, true. Hard to argue with the facts.

You have my… gun?

Yeah, gun, we’ll go with that.

Sweet, cheers! I’ve played it on PS4, and got MH:World on the go atm but I’m surely going to grab this if the port is solid.

Knowing how stingy Square is with their PC Final Fantasy discounts I caved and bought this for $30.79 at GMG using discount code JUSTFORYOU.

Goddamn you @LockerK

Anyone playing this on Switch? Seems to be getting good reviews.

I would in a heart beat but I just played it when it came out on PS4. I’m sure to play again some day and if I do I want the mobility of a Switch version, for sure. By all accounts it’s excellent on Switch.

I haven’t played it in a long time, though I’m very tempted. Both the Xbox One and Switch versions include some pretty cool new features, which hopefully get patched into the other versions of Zodiac edition.

The Switch and Xbox One versions of Final Fantasy XII also come with two key new features: License board resets , allowing you to swap your characters’ classes (in previous iterations of the game they were permanent), and Gambit sets , allowing you to set up three different scripts for each character, rotating between them whenever you want.

Not that it matters much, but I wish it ran at 60fps on the Switch. That’s the only drawback I can think of. Will still probably pick it up soon.

Yeah will pick this up I think, I’ve been waiting for Pillars 2 to come to switch for a solid rpg outing, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen anytime soon. Plus I’ve never actually played a Final Fantasy game before (other than the first couple of hours of 13 which was hella boring).

I sure hope Pillars 2 for Xbox is more polished and less buggy than Pillars 1 was, which still had bugs that were fixed years ago in the PC version.

Thanks for the clarification, @Rock8man!

SamS, in the post above ioticus’ post, mentioned picking up this game instead of waiting for the PIllars 2 port. So ioticus was saying he hopes the Pillars 2 port has less bugs. It’s mild topic drift but still on target! Kind of.

Definitely picking it up for Xbox!

So I’m playing this for the first time (7 hours in or so, in the Death Star Prison escape sequence) and I have thoughts!:

1- what a good game it is. It is pretty incredible it holds up this well. So glad I finally have a system where I can feasibly play it (the PS4 is no longer suitable for long games due to the kid).
2- So this is what Xenoblade Chronicles was all about! I get their improvements to combat mechanics, but even if simpler so far, this is much more clearer and legible.
3- I knew the scriptwriter was inspired by Star Wars, but I didn’t expect so much direct lifting. So far is Final Fantasy Steampunk Star Wars Remix.

I’m not quite as far along as you - but this describes my experience with this to a T. It’s really interesting going back and playing this after XC - XC had a lot of improvements but I do like the fact that FF’s combat is all ‘in-world’ and does not instance you out.

How’s the voice acting? Should I go with English, or switch to the Japanese audio and turn on subtitles?

The English voice work is quite good IMO.

Oh goodness, and I forgot to ask about the soundtrack. Original? Re-orchestrated? OST? Re-orchestrated would seem like the obvious choice over the original, but what’s the OST version?

OST is usually a better quality version of what was included in the game. It’s basically what you got if you bought the CDs. Original is what it sounded like on the PS2.

In FFX I think the reorchestrated stuff was overdone and ridiculous but they used a bit more restraint in FFXII and it’s worth checking out. One nice thing is they actually added some unique tracks for places that previously reused tracks from other parts in the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles, X and 2 are also all in world combat.