Find the movie references in this picture of Tom Hanks

I guess this is our “random movie” thread.

Here’s an amusing diversion to waste some time on for a few minutes while we’re all stuck at home:
Can you ID all the movie references?

Well, for a start:
Forrest Gump
Edward Scissorhands
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Star Wars IV
Jurassic Park
Not sure what Bigfoot is from, nor the racket, not the Barbisol, nor the motorcycle top right. Not green glowing head top right, nor items on his chest, medal around his neck. No idea what No Highway To Heaven is from, or the embossing on the wood below it. Nor the mechanical thing center right.

I think that covers it.

Edit: I can’t make out the word after Wet, but it doesn’t look like paint.

Ooh, Harry and the Hendersons? Barbisol is probably Jurassic Park.

Isn’t that the necklace from Temple of Doom?

No Stairway to Heaven is from Wayne’s World.

Johnny 5 from Short Circuit is off to the right.

And Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction are right above Jumanji, in the background.

Damn, memory, why didn’t you come up with this? Denied!

Isn’t that from Neverending Story?

I think Honey I Shrunk the Kids is in here as well. Child of the 80s who made this, I see.

That’s a… stretch I think. It says “Wet Bandits”, who are the bad guys from Home Alone. But as far as I remember they never actually carved “Wet Bandits” anywhere.

Oh man, talk about obscure. I’m pretty sure on the second backboard below the “No Stairway to Heaven” are the LED number glyphs on the Predator’s atom bomb self destruct timer.

There’s also some kind of image below it very faint but I can’t really make it out other than some kind of yellow box framing it.

I think bottom left is the hoverboard from Back to the Future II.

Looks like Wayne Enterprises logo on the box of chocolates so Batman.

Dumb and Dumber in the background to right of Jumanji board.

Jurrasic Park?

But isn’t the logo just under his left elbow Jurassic Park?

The two guys immediately to the upper right of the Jumanji board: Dumb and Dumber.

Edit: D’oh, Gutsball already got that.

Oh…no. I don’t know what that is, but it’s definitely not Jurassic Park. There aren’t any decently-sized versions of this image anywhere that I can find so I can’t read what it says.

It looks to me like a circle with a animal like a pig biting some words, maybe “So good”. This is the clue that is bugging me the most.

Clearly it has been too long since you watched Space Jam

Now I’m tryig to place the medalion and pocket items.

I’m thinking a pirate coin from goonies in the pocket

I am somewhat sad to say that I have never slammed or been welcomed to the jam. I am however a fan of Barkley Shut Up & Jam (also a backer of the lamented Barkley 2).

I think the green head in the top right corner is from Mars Attacks.

That yellow square on the bench bottom left above the BTTF hoverboard is the golden ticket from Last Action Hero.

There’s something over Johnny Fives shoulder / next to Dumb n Dumber that I can’t make out.

Is that a book that the can of Barbisol is on? If so, is that a reference to something?

Whats the Star Wars IV reference @BennyProfane ?