First Daughter, Special Advisor to the President, Ivanka Trump


It will not look so nice in 20 years when it all starts falling apart.


The first daughter’s cause would be improving the lives of working women, a theme she had developed at her clothing line. She also brought a direct link to the global economy the president was railing against — a connection that was playing out at that very moment on the Pacific coast.

As the Trumps stood on stage, a hulking container ship called the OOCL Ho Chi Minh City was pulling into the harbor of Long Beach, Calif., carrying around 500 pounds of foreign-made Ivanka Trump spandex-knit blouses.

Another 10 ships hauling Ivanka Trump-branded shoes, cardigans and leather handbags bound for the United States were floating in the north Pacific and Atlantic oceans and off the coasts of Malta, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Yemen.

Those global journeys — along with millions of pounds of Ivanka Trump products imported into the United States in more than 2,000 shipments since 2010 — illustrate how her business practices collide with some of the key principles she and her father have championed in the White House.
Trump did not respond to requests for comment about what efforts she made to oversee her company’s supply chain before she joined the administration.

Her attorney Jamie Gorelick told The Post in a statement that Trump is “concerned” about recent reports regarding the treatment of factory workers and “expects that the company will respond appropriately.”
Instead of pulling production back into the United States, the apparel industry has been focused on a different strategy: trying to reassure American consumers that their retail purchases are not the result of exploitation.


Haha yes she cares deeply about the plight of the poor Laotian factory worker. I’m sure.




Are we doing golden oldies now?



Took us 240 years, but we managed to roll a whole buncha ones on the monarchy dice despite our “democracy.”

Yay us?




I mean, good? Neither of them should be in the White House.


Ivanka may be willing to live with the inconsistencies inherent in her relationship with her father, but official Washington shows no such willingness. While Mike Pence was on Capitol Hill laying plans to repeal Obamacare, Ivanka requested a meeting with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. She and Jared went to see Richards in February for what Richards called an “explainer” on Planned Parenthood and the issues surrounding the organization. Ivanka went to the meeting thinking she might act as a kind of referee between the Republicans clamoring to de-fund Planned Parenthood and the organization itself. The meeting was cordial, according to a person familiar with it, although Ivanka and Jared did not commit to anything. When the first version of a health-care bill proposed to strip funding from Planned Parenthood, Ivanka’s surrogates reached out to the organization with an idea: stop offering abortions and the White House would advocate increased funding for Planned Parenthood clinics. Richards turned down the proposal. Then those same surrogates tried an end run, going around Richards and contacting Planned Parenthood board members. “It completely backfired,” said someone familiar with the effort.


I’m reminded of the end of the last samurai, the Japanese general.

They just can’t understand that someone wouldn’t compromise their values for money. They are trumps after all.

Ivanka is not better than trump, she just is better at hiding it. She is never going to be a moderating influence on her father because she is her father’s daughter.




It’s just crazy to think someone who grew up like this:

Isn’t in touch with a lot of the struggles everyone faces!



Really good, long article from Vanity Fair today on Ivanka & Jared:

“I haven’t had anything to do with them since they moved,” said one New York friend, “and it is because the day that man gave an inaugural speech, what am I going to say? ‘What the fuck is wrong with you?’ ” When they lived in New York, Kushner used to remind Ivanka that “we’re in the zoo, but let’s try hard not to be part of the animals.” He often would add, “You want to be watching.” The friend noted that Kushner has traded up into a higher-powered circle: “He is rolling with the prince of Saudi Arabia and not the real-estate guys anymore.” In Washington, the couple regularly dines with Trump Cabinet members. They attended Steven Mnuchin’s wedding and spend many weekends at the Trump National Golf Club, in Bedminster, New Jersey, outside the Washington party circuit. Their close friends the Cordishes, who moved with them to Washington, where Reed Cordish works for Kushner in the West Wing, are a constant.


The bad thing with Capitalism, is that it creates really powerful people that after some point are on cruise control to become more powerful. And then they can abuse their power to influence the state in their favour, in order to gain even more power, eventually turning into fascism.

You may hate the Trumps, and you may be right, but even if they were to dissappear, others would take their place. The problem is systemic, it is not personal. Capitalism is evil, but as long as enough people are content and have enough guns to supress the rest (West is content-wealthy enough for the common man and have enough guns to suppress the rest), nothing changes.

Don’t tell me Chelsea Clinton grew up in a poor wooden shack in Africa, i won’t believe you. LOL.


This one of the Trump fam at the Al-Maga palace is my favorite:

The toy limos kill me. The Trumps are like the Addams Family of rich people.