Fishing Sim World

I have been playing this game for about 2 weeks now and have 41 hours in it.

Quick bit of background I’m from the UK so we don’t do the massive lake / bass fishing stuff over here. I have done coarse fishing (Carp, Tench, Roach, Bream, Perch, Pike) since I was a teenager (now 48) but stopped about 12 years ago when the kids came along as it’s a real time sink. In real life I am also a lazy fisherman, I like to set up a ledger rig of 2 or 3 rods on bite alarms and snooze the day away waiting on bite alarms, was always a nice getaway from the stresses of the real world.

Anyways saw this game was on sale at £10 only normally £15 and comes with 6 lakes or so. 3 carp/coarse and 3 Bass/ USA fish. Also there are some DLC, I picked the 4 pack up for £12 on a sale as well.

You start off with a basic set of coarse rods and tackle and the same with Bass rigs. As you level up you earn Tackle Points which you can spend on more varied baits, lures, rods, line etc. You also get a free boat but can upgrade them too.

As a coarse fisherman that’s where i started, Waldsee has some decent size fish and a good choice of species to fish for. Each lake has up to 11 different species and up to 25 or 30 trophy fish. These are named fish you can if lucky catch in the lakes, for example there is 183lb Catfish called Megelodon and a 80lb Carp called Fudgies. This does add to the challenge and spice things up as you get the fish in.

The mechanics are actually very good. There are 2 skill levels for casting, beginner (not actually tried advanced) which is right click to set cast and left click and hold for 0-100% the bigger the rod the further the cast, you can also cast under arm or over. Secondly there is a full hud with bite alarms or larger float indicators which can all be switched off to increase realism and difficulty. You get 4 rods 3 to cast and a spod rod to bait the area

I normally have 2 ledgering rods and 1 float rod. If you get a bite on the float rod you need to strike quick or it gets off and you either get a poor, good or perfect strike. On ledger they seem to self hook which is great and the the battle begins, you have a tension indicator which if goes to the red top for too long you line snaps and you can free move the rod keeping the tension on until you bring the fish in. There is no netting which I prefer once the fish is beaten and in close you auto net it and it swaps to a picture of you holding the fish giving weight, type, size and a name if it’s a trophy catch. My largest Carp is 65lb, Catfish is 83lb but some great smaller fish around the 10lb mark.

Now initially I was not too interested in the bass side of it but boy was I wrong, it’s great fun. The lakes are massive, get out on your speedboat, with fish finder and find some fish. Your boat can do trolling if you like or straight lure fishing off the boat or the side if you prefer. Different types of lures from surface to sinking to diving.

Cast out and wind in, speed can be from 1 - 5 then bang you get a bass on and it leaps out of the water barreling and rolling around and shooting off like a rocket. It’s very cool and exciting and sometimes tough to keep them on the line. I think my largest is around 10lb. Additionally you can fish for crappie, muskie and pike or zander all put up a great fight.

You can fish early, afternoon or evening as well as sunny, cloudy or dynamic.

Things it needs to do or add, float fishing is poor, no depth change whch is rubbish, it’s all 2ft down only. Also catapults to get baiting close in easily. Each part of the day does not change so morning does not become afternoon which is a shame as different fish feed at different times and this would add another strategic layer instead of quitting and rejoining at a different time of day. More bait variances would be good as well as more floats. Finally sometimes there are too many bites and having 2 or 3 rods going at the same time is a pain as you can only manage 1, it would be good if the stopped bites on the other line outside fo online play.

I don’t often post about games but I am really enjoing it this, it’s great for a quick 10 or 15 minutes or a big stretch for targeting specific fish /swims, sometimes the big fish can take 5/10 minutes to get in.

My son and 1 are hitting the real lakes this summer since playing this and to me that means it has to be pretty good.

Do you think it’s he best fishing game out there right now?

Yes, easily. No pay wall like fishing planet or Russian Fishing 4. You will need to save up a few tackle points to get the 50lb line but really you earn everything through playing and levelling up. You can level to level 100 and then it’s like CoD where you earn a star every 100 levels.

I have also tried Ultimate Fishing Simulator and it’s not as good also played Carp Fishing SImulator, Atom Fishing and many of the other free ones but they all seem restrictive and pay to fish.

I have to admit buying the hunters pack for £3 as well which gave me a load of gear and a top boat. All in I think it has cost me £25 which is still less than a full price release.

You get 1000 tp points every level and an extra 5000 every 10 levels. I am now level 30. Have loads of gear and the top weight line. Personally I would buy the 50lb line asap which is 8000tp. Bait is between 600 and 2000 tp

Man I wish I had time for this, thanks for the write up @Reemul. I will wishlist it for the future.

I should add there is an extensive multiplayer section as well. There are 20 minute tourneys, 1 hour tourneys which you can try 3 times which last for a week, full leaderboards, fisherman of the week and a big anglers log that records all your catches incuding your named catches that are dark until you catch them and then show you what they look like.

Thought I would add a few in game shots.

I want some fish.

In my experience, when someone says “I want to go fishing” what they’re really saying is, “I want to go sit in a boat and drink beer, and if a fish should happen to bite the bait I have on this line we’ll thats fine too.” I’m not sure how well that translates to a video game experience. Although now that I think about it, quite often when I sit down to a video game I have a beer nearby.

If I want to go fishing I’m hungry and want to eat some fish. Of course I’m awful at fishing and I feel bad killing fish, so I’m a terrible fisherman. But I am always hungry and fish is my favorite protein.
I wish I could drink. Getting drunk playing a fishing game on PC seems fun!

I want to say thanks for the writeup too. I’ve been looking for a good fishing sim and abandoned the search with the huge amount of shovelware out there. Good to know there’s a diamond in the rough.

Almost bought it this morning but figured I’d wait to see if it happened to be in the weekend sale. And…it is!

40% off on Steam!

EDIT: It’s only the Deluxe edition that’s on sale, but it still puts it at $15 vs the normal edition for $20. Looks like its just a bunch of gear and fish-bucks. But still.

The Quad lake pass is well worth it at that price.

Oh ya, so the sale is kinda weird. The Deluxe is 40% off, and the Quad lake is 35% off. But you can get a Regular Edition and Quad lake for 44% off. I did the latter as the gear in the Deluxe package wasn’t a big deal to me.

So it’s cheaper to go the latter?

Can you fish for Bluegill in the game?

The deal with the quad lake dlc is 31 and if you get the discounted deluxe and quad lake together it’s like 38 or something. The deluxe had some gear and stuff along with 20,0000 fish bucks. I’m not sure if the fish bucks are worth it and I didn’t care about the gear and boat and stuff so I went with the bundle for 31.

Yes you can, Bluegill, Small and Largemouth Bass, White and Black Crappie, Chain Pickerel, Muskie, Longnose Gar, Yellow mouth Perch, Zander, Pike, Walleye, Spotted Bass.

Also Mirror, Leather, Koi, Ghost and Common Carp, Bream, Tench, Perch, Rudd, Catfish, Northern Pike, Zander and Roach

My advice is to get stronger line asap, if you arent doing the coarse much not sure you need 50lb but 30lb or 50lb line asap would be smart.

You would LOVE ice fishing.

Thanks for the write-up. Like others here, I just picked up the deluxe version and will try it out over the weekend.

I love ice fishing. That’s where I go sit on a chair in the middle of a frozen lake and drink beer.

Just realised you can do hosted multiplayer as well, like friends lobbies, so if anyone is on and fancy’s trying this give me a shout.