Fleabag - An Amazon Original series


The first series is very good (by any measure not just the snarky ‘for an ITV show’) and I came to it late. It’s quite a true representation of a certain part of the UK. The second series got a bit too fraught (I stopped watching after around the 3rd episode) and the third has just started but I’ve neither seen it or seen any reviews.

Olivia Coleman is a really wonderful actress with a broad range (my favourite performance is in Hot Fuzz) and David Tennant also very good. I’d suggest a look at Rev or Taking over the Asylum as obscure Brit tv shows they have shone in respectively.

Fleabag was excellent and I’ll look forward to the second series.


2019 now


Just started watching and got through the whole season in one sitting. Absolutely brilliant show. More of this!


This is a great show to watch with your lady friend or wife, just because it’s fun to see where they laugh.
Thanks to this thread, my girlfriend and I watched this season together (in two sittings earlier this year), and we loved it equally. She was laughing out loud at stuff I wasn’t picking up on, just because of the women’s perspective thing.


Urgent message for @tomchick ! Waller-Bridge is teaming up with Fleabag collaborator Vicky Jones on a new HBO show.


Killing Eve is a spy show on BBC that just came out. Haven’t watched but it’s 100% RT and 83% metacritic so far. I love spy shows.