Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


I wish that too


I really like the idea of this game, but the execution seems a big grindy and complex. I sure hope other game devs are looking at this title and thinking of a better way to implement the same concept.


It’s a shame because they’ve really nailed some of it. The building mechanics are really neatly done, and the procedural environments are pretty impressive too. It’s just the meta layer that’s hiding the fun.


I am still on the first zone and I will be for a while. I figured if they wanted to make constructors worth while, they should have an efficiency with building materials, like building for half the material cost. Still though, Id only use them to upgrade my base, never on missions.


There are a ton of Quality of Life things that can be easily improved before F2P that would really improve the game.

Real quick one would be:

Stacks of 99 in backpack, be made stacks of 999. :)
Stacks of 999 wood/iron/brick be made 9999. :)

Maybe these are upgrades later in the game research tree?

Also it would be nice to have a dedicated melee weapon slot, in addition to the pick axe and 3 gun weapon slots. :p


I play as a Constructor for most or all of this video


You can’t upgrade the stack size, but you do upgrade the max inventory slots in your skill tree.


Yeah I’ve upgraded backpack inventory and home base inventory sizes twice already, but its not enough for a hoarder like myself.

Also remember to recycle crappy / almost broken weapons for the resources. :D

Also I came across this late lastnight, I’ve been building defenses all wrong… :(

1 tile, 3 layer walls! D:::::::::

RandomYouKnowKnowing.gif seems appropriate at this moment.


Ill have to watch that when I get home. However I do wonder about mob path finding. If you create a small maze, then seem to just run strait into the first wall and attack it instead of running to the entrance. Maybe the mazes I have seen have been too complex.


The game is only early access and will be so for the next 4+ months. Epic has been listening to the complaints on the dense systems, the early game experience and loot. We’ll see what they do with it. But this game still has time to evolve too.


I hope so. I have complained about the ‘storage’ on research. The fact is that you do not even have 24 hours worth of storage. Never mind upping the research rate if even the lowly 54/hour will overflow in less than 20 hours.

Also the fact that when you recycle an item or person, it warns you about adding them to your collection. At that point, you should directly be able to add them to the collection rather than jumping through a bunch of screens to add the item.


I agree, this really is redundant. Daily login rewards are already in place to incentivize people to fire up the game. I understand why research would need a cap, but it’s way too low right now.

The second point you bring up would be a nice QoL change for sure.


oh man… the recouping of traps… that would be sooo helpful I’ve tried creating kill zones only to have my team push so far ahead they they are irrelevant. OR stand in a different location which cases the zom… husks to wander away from my kill zone.

Many times I’ve seen people put tracks on the initial walls around the van/balloon/etc which will pretty much NEVER ever fire.

Lots of little things. I suppose I should wrap up the first area already and move on to the 2nd.

I’m totally enjoying it still - a little frustrated at some of the daily quests when you just have bad luck at the RNG maps. and the zone not having any of XXX that you need for your quest.


This is a interesting post.

The difficulty of the missions grown with the skill points earned. At level 22 you are not supposed to do level 22 missions, but level 40 missions, where mobs 2shots you, and it takes a lot of bullets (and weapons durability) to kill them. If you do missions on your level, you get very little experience. If you do hard missions, more often than not, you break all your weapons and fail the objective. You gimp yourself by gaining skill points.

Another trap is leveling the weapons. If you upgrade a weapon scheme to level 3 it ask for malachite, that is very rare. So you gimped yourself by making that weapon almost impossible to craft.


That is sure depressing. I really like the idea of the game, but the grind is ludicrous and now it seems the leveling is just as bad. I really hope they fix these issues. I do not want this game concept to die.

Tonight when I get home, Ill send more feedback about the crazy material requirements for building stuff. A level 3 wall costs 10 + 20 + 30 = 60 materials each. So for 999 resources which takes a good while to grind you can only make 16 walls with that. Even if the halved that, it would still be far too much. I am thinking maybe it should be at about 25% of the cost.

At this point, in missions, I do not even want contribute to base building because I want those resources for myself.

With respect to level… that is from your hero power level (not hero level). It seems that you can delevel yourself (slot crappy heros for support), Shouldn’t this work?


It took me a bit to understand that this was happening, but this is absolutely the dynamic, and it’s so contrary to the flow of the game earlier that I kept thinking I’d picked the wrong option somewhere. I had a blast up through the first zone, and even early in the second, but now that the true scope of the grind becomes clear, ugh. I can’t imagine how much time and resources (or cash) it would take to move up to the third and fourth trees.


That’s not your Level, and trying to think of it in that way is going to lead to some misunderstandings. That’s your Homebase power. Yes, skillpoints can raise your power level depending on what you select, but the biggest impact are your survivors and how you are slotting them and upgrading them.

Much of your power is derived from leveling up your survivors. Also important to note, that Homebase power is a group stat. Joining with other players will raise this power level and makes you more effective. Are you investing your survivor XP?

Regarding overleveling weapons, yeah you can do this to yourself but only when you’re upping the Tier. The game will show you what the new resource requirements are, so pay attention to it. Something you have to get out of your head is that “Blue is better” or “Legendary is better”. Yes, stat wise they’re better, but there’s a tradeoff. Those green schematics you get aren’t garbage, they’re extremely useful and you should be leveling some up because you can basically build them with random junk, not the rare stuff like power cells and rotating gizmos, etc. You also want to pay attention to what the resource requirements are for different weapons, because you don’t want a bunch of them that rely on the same bottleneck. If your blue assault rifle and melee weapon both take rotating gizmos, that blue pistol might only take machine parts.

Now, all that being said, the game just launched in Early Access and is planned to be an EA title for several months, so I think everyone needs to keep that in mind. They were tweaking EXP gain and progression rates throughout the alpha, so don’t expect everything to be in its final state.


I believe some tweaking are neccesary, yes.
After a 5 waves defense the shield mission, I got 0 points.


It seems the servers are down. I think I found the official forums, but I do not see any announcements. Is this a planned outage or did something go wrong?


Meh! So, I didn’t really have much time to play FN so far due to being on the road over the weekend and work in general. And just as I sit down to spend a bit more time, play the second storm shield mission, the servers died just as I had finished setting up all defenses and was about to activate everything. Gnyaaaar.