Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


How much damage does level20 blue spikes do? The metal ones, the nuts and bolts, is the reason I do not want to use them except in special cases.


I guess you can run out of challenges too. :( This will slow down the vbucks.


lvl 20 (power 41) 2 star blue wooden floor spikes:
6 plank
1 duct tape
2 rope

35.1 listed damage for me, 1.9 sec reload

lvl 20 (power 41) 2 star retractable floor spikes
10 nuts n bolts
3 rough ore
2 mechanical parts

280.8 listed damage, 5.1 reload

On paper retractables look superior, and the probably would be if they didnt cost so much nuts n bolts. Even on my outlander (extra farming power) I couldn’t keep up with using only retractables for floors.

Wooden spikes have less damage but the slow is pretty huge, allows ceiling traps and others more time to do their job.


the demand for nuts n bolts is just INSANE… everything uses them…


Survive the Storm event has been delayed…


Does that means it will not be out by this weekend? I was looking forward to that and trying to think of survival strategies.


Hopefully it will only be a day or two, not the whole week.


When was it originally supposed to come out?


It was supposed to be out today (the 29th).


I have one flare gun upgraded to malachite. I don’t use it often, but I would not call it useless. Of course, is not a automatic rifle with explosive bullets, but is useful for things like camps and some base defenses. It does stun and damage groups of monsters, so it can be key to weak a horde so others can finish them. Since uses shotgun ammo (I believe?) is another tool in the toolset you can use when you don’t have other ammo and need to fight hordes.


If you get the Tiny Instrument of Death, definitely hang on to it. At first I thought it was pointless and almost recycled it. Good god, that thing is so money now. It’s so money and it doesn’t even know it!

This makes me even more bitter I can’t get a deadeye ranger, with the pistol bonuses. That would be so OP with the Tiny.


Deadeyes are amazing. Pistols tend to me my favorite weapon class in the game, I can’t wait until I can get a second Deadeye for the support bonus. Then I need a really good pistol schematic!


I have two rare deadeyes and one epic deadeyes.

The first two I crafted by sacrificing 200 survivors in a necromancy altar. The game is secretly a satanic cult with a fixation with sacrifices and pure water.

I am after a hero with “chinese shop” perk, but I believe is epic, so I may never get it. *sad face*


Checking out a random mission, the drops of rain went from 5 to 7. Thanks, for nothing.

And massive nerfs to the throwing star hero which is whom i was playing. I guess i can go back to my pistol outlander.

The increases to constructor damage (base and electrical floors) are a joke as well. Woot instead of doing 12 damage i do 24 damage (made up numbers), thanks! No fixes to constructors other than these jokes.

Defenders still crappy.


Well, that would be nearly a 50% increase in drops of rain. Combine that when the reduction in rain cost for evolving survivors and it should help.

Too bad they nerfed the throwing stars, I wish they’d being everyone else up to par. They seem very scared about making abilities impactful/powerful.


That in itself just leads to characters with strong passive bonuses being king, namely soldiers and the pistol outlander.

I am kicking myself for not leveling my special forces soldier more.


So who likes these new Survival missions? I think they suck. Here are my gripes:

  1. I did the 3 day one, the level 15 (I am level 30). It took almost an hour. By the end of round 2, everyone on my team was saying, “Please, let this be the last!”. How long is a 7 day run? 2+ hours? How long is a 14 day run, 4.5 to 5 hours? They are completely insane if they think that is good design. I think about an hour per match is my top end. Id prefer quicker matches.

  2. The maps, all of them, take place in a rural area. This means metal is scares. Two of my team mates were running low on metal by the third round. Nevermind playing a 7 or 14 day mission. Even if you had 999 metal and wood, I am not sure you would make it to 14 days before running out. Maybe even a bit over 7 days would tap you out. Nevermind all the nuts and bolt farming you better have done before hand.

  3. Its just not fun. Its just another defend the objective thing, only this time you do not have much time to explore or prepare. I just laid out a bunch of spike traps everywhere, which helped. But other than that, it was a snooze fest with just business as usual killing husks.

What I thought it would be was player survival. Not yet another objective survival. You, the players had to just live through the night. That could have been good. You would have mobility as your advantage. This could be really cool trying to hole up in a city section with hordes of husks down stairs while you were boarding up the 4th floor.

I would also allow the players unlimited prep time (get rid of the day/night cycle) and then once its all started, you have like 30 minutes of non-stop action. The difficulty is just the quantity / quality of mobs (no 2+ hour maps).

I do have a question about the maps. I am not sure about the difficulty / rewards. Do the level 15 maps give you heroes? The level 40 the weapons? And does the day count just increase the amount of rewards?


I like where they’re going with the event. I got a reward chest at the end that contained schematics and the Storm Chests (I received two of them after running one 3-day survival, with the initial bonuses to storm tickets) were very nice. The first one I opened I got a choice of a Legendary corrosive ninja or centurion hawk soldier. The second chest included 3 purple items, including a purple hero.


By the way, did anyone notice a metric ton of Survivor EXP after the patch? I had something like 90,000.


Yep got a zillion survivor XP. Also I bit the bullet and upgraded my first thing to level 3. So many goddamn drops of rain!

I’d be very, very careful upgrading any weapon that isn’t at least epic, and ideally legendary, to level 3. Legendary weapons also have a shitload more durability! Heroes should be no problem of course and are probably the safest thing in the game to upgrade, but even then you’ll notice the epic heroes do a lot better at high levels, have more perks, etc.

In other news,

  • I got an epic outlander who gives a 33% headshot pistol bonus when in the support slot. Awww yiss.

  • Finally got that gatling pistol in epic form. Sucks at range of course. I have a legendary medium pistol and I think I’m gonna prioritize that first.