Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


I got very lucky. As soon I was connected, I got invited to a 14 days survival in day 10. Lowbie one, so when we completed it, I got the Hydra weapon. Managed to play a bit more and got another 2 storm llamas. One legendary heroe in one of the llamas.

At first the game was superslughist, but then they did something, and now the game feels solid 60 FPS. What the hell? it feels almost like a different game now, everything is smooth.

I like the event. Don’t like much the actual survivor thing. It simple take too much time. It really needs a button to allow players to vote to skip to the next day. The modifier are really cool and add a lot of the game. This + the new monster spice things by a lot.

Not everyone is equally happy and I read on the forums that many people have a lot of problems, so YMMV more than ever.


I plan on trying the 14 day thing on Sunday when I actually may have a 4+ hour block of time to dedicate. So what do people think of the new weapons compared to the old ones? I did get a pneumatic hammer, but I have not put any points into it yet. I am going to save my schematic xp for the hydra, which I assume is an assault rifle.


I really think you need to have at least 1 outlander for a loot pinata… The 3 day I did we didn’t have one, and there were tons of little capsules for an outlander to utilize.

I did a 3 day lvl 15 power mission (I’m at 22) It was boring as hell. So soooo slow. There was WAY too much time between waves - I was expecting something a lot more frantic. This was not it.

The idea of even trying to do a longer mission, I just don’t necessarily see me having the patients or desire to sit through a 3+ hour mission.

I like the idea… it just seems as if they didn’t implement it right. I mean, to this point this game has been about short bursts of game play. collect resources, build, defend… reset - start a new mission - now there’s a 10min break between each wave - where you don’t need to typically build anymore.


I am dreading the 14 day one, but I want the hydra schematic. BTW is the hydra a shotgun?

Also, for anyone who has done the 14 day mission, is there any advice you can give?


where did it say the rewards for different survival missions? I must have missed it.


You can see a bunch of the rewards in your quests screen. There are a bunch of limited time quests.


I’m holding off for a bit. I think it’s a tiny minority of players (otherwise /r/Fortnite would be inundated with posts) but I’ve seen a couple posts of people getting disconnected in the final few seconds of Day 14, with not enough time to rejoin before the match is over. This might very well be their own ISP having a hiccup, but it does make me squeamish about putting that amount of time in to a map.

7 days I think I can handle fine, 14 seems like it would take far too long!


From reports. its is about 4.5 hours, which is FAR too long. That is too long do for most any day. I might be able to get 1 4 hour game in on Sunday and Monday, but that’s about it. 4 hours is terrible game design. I personally want matches to take about an hour at most.


It seems as if they were going for like an epic raid type of content… yet it’s 4.5 hours of the exact same world/content wave after wave after wave of baddies. That is if it’s like the 3 day — no change up in dynamics, aside from baddies coming from different directions.

I would also think that after 2 hours the map is pretty much devoid of any resources.


I don’t understand people that run marathons. The medal you get in the end is not really gold.

Many games have wave horde modes that make sense and are fun. Fornite is not one of them. This survival mode is a incredible waste of time most people will do only once. Perhaps they can make changes to it so when it returns makes more sense. Everything else about the game is a great addition.

Some comments of the weapons:

Hydra: nice to have
Hydro Pistol: serviceable.
Sniper: so… stuns, not something I want on a sniper gun, but reliable have this effect.
Aumatic rifle: seems really bad
Rocket launcher: serviceable

They all look nice and have distinct look and feel. But none is on the “must have” territory. Well, I have not tried a maxed one, maybe the Hydra will be a cool weapon once upgraded at level 30.


The hydra is better than the sniper shotgun (it also fires slugs / shells) without a doubt. But I only had epic of sniper shotgun and the hydra is legendary. I recycled my sniper shotgun as a result, to recover the investment. Only advantage it had is slightly better range, everything else is better in the hydra. This is significant since IMO sniper shotgun is one of the best weapons in the game, definitely top 5.

I also compared epic rocket launcher with epic hydraulic rocket and the classic rocket launcher was significantly better.

Hydro pistol was a tough sell, not a fan of heavy ammo pistols, better to go for faster firing and higher headshot damage bonuses.

It is easier to get drops of rain now, finally, with all the timed missions.

edit: just made it to Canny Vally tonight, which has a cool southwestern theme. Think Road Runner.


Ill try for the hydra tomorrow then. So its a shotgun replacement, right? I have the bear claw auto-shotgun I can recycle for the xp.

I am really not liking this event coupled with progression. Right now, if I have a quest in a zone that does not have the purple smoke, its not happening. Also I have a bunch of missions in level 40 zones and those monsters just hit like a truck and unless they are fire elemental, they take a tun of damage to kill. I think the purple elemental guys might be bugged. My light machine gun which is water / frost, and my shotgun which is fire do almost no damage to those mobs.

I really hate the elemental modifier on weapons.

@Wumpus what do you think are the top 5 weapons?


A super people llama showed up. Is this the one for heroes or is there a hero special llama?


In theory, Hydraulic pistol sounds decent enough:

Legendary Ranger Deadeye:
+20% crit chance with pistols
+70% crit damage with pistols
+24% damage with pistols

Trailblaster Buzz Support hero
+35% crit damage with pistols

I’ll probably still use a light ammo using pistol for normal use, but this might replace my high damage weapon (lawbringer generally).


There is a Super Hero Llama. The people one will have heroes as well, but also Survivors, leads, defenders.


I linked a video earlier in the topic that covers it…

I strongly recommend at minimum double-barrel shotgun and whatever epic or legendery area effect weapons you can get, because of the group area damage.


Hmm, people in chat said the super hero llama was not around anymore or at least they had not seen one in a very long time. I bought the only people llama and did get a hero out of it, but not the one I wanted. I still have 2k I can wait to see if a super hero one shows up eventually.


Either way, the People llama is good buy. More Legendary survivors and the like are always nice.


Lol I have like 5 mythical lead survivors already. EDIT: I checked and actually I have six.

I told you guys I loved loot chests. I told you.


I agree, after rechecking the hydraulic legendary pistol I prioritized it. But check out how different my stats are than what you pictured, both are level 20!

The impact numbers are so high on this thing. Pretty happy with my top 5 weapons here, all different ammo types!

Also, check those storm missions… I found one that was giving out 6 drops of rain plus drops of rain on the normal completion, so +13 drops of rain for that single mission! Sadly it goes away after you complete it though.