Forza Horizon 4 - CaRPG in the UK


I didn’t have any crash problems. The game ran very well, framerate was around 10% better than in FH3, so they’ve made more optimizations.

The game is more Forza Horizon, following the path of FH3. Which is great, of course. I think the map will be less varied here, and in exchange, they have the four seasons so I guess they win back variety with that.


Well I think I like it but making you start from the beginning of the demo each time is a bit weird. I’d be in there now but I don’t want to do the exact same stuff again.


There’s only I think five races in the demo. Other stuff like danger signs and the like, but not a lot of stuff altogether.


It’s a meaty demo, the intro, ,five races and the side stuff while you free drive, I can understand people disliking the fact it doesn’t save your progress.


The performance mode on the Xbox One X feels really good. But since it doesn’t save your progress, I only did one race since I know I’ll get this game and I just wanted to check out how it runs.


Looks like reviews are starting to pop up. Here’s one -



Wait, how do they explain this, if you’re no longer the boss of the festival? They’d better be a good in-game explanation for this.

(I’m joking).

The blueprint system turned out to be great fun FH3. @robc04 and I played each other’s blueprints and set times against one another quite a bit. That was a blast. Ready for another go around Rob?

Keep in mind, it can be asynchronous. We don’t have to play the game in the same time frame with each other. I could play it in October, and you could catch up in April.


I sure wish the Forza tuning system wasn’t some byzantine collection of sliders and knobs that never results in a single car feeling fully drivable. No matter what tune I download or make, every single driving experience feels like I’m walking on eggshells just trying to stay competitive in a race. Ruins the experience.

I’d be so much more excited if the game were more arcadey.

That said, I have Gamepass, so I’ll probably find myself trying it out sooner or later. Too bad they have us driving on the wrong side of the road again.


More arcadey then an Horizon title? It’s already the arcade / forgiving Forza sibling.

I’ve been watching streams on Mixer today and can’t wait to jump in. It looks beautiful and a ton of fun.


I don’t worry about it, since the AI is so tune-able anyway. Everything is tune-able. Make the AI drivers better, or worse. So that’s why I don’t worry about tuning cars. If I tuned a car to make it worse, I could make the AI easier to compensate. So what’s the point? Unless I enjoy doing it, in which case I’d go ahead and do it.

Amen brother. It took me a while to get used to it again in the demo. Fucking wrong side of the road. Arrrrgh.


The way I race, there’s no right or wrong side of the road. There’s just road.


Info on what’s coming from the current Inside XBox stream:

The season will be summer at launch.

It will change weekly, as previously announced. If you are in a race at the time of the change, you will keep racing until the end of the race before you see any change.

If you are simply free roaming, you will get a countdown to the changeover and, after the weather change cut scene, you will get a quick rundown of the weekly events and what’s changed.

We also got to see the launch trailer:


The route creator that’s coming in the October update looks really neat.

You create the route by driving it.

You can go cross country, on tracks, … whatever catches your fancy. Your driving line is the blue line that will appear during the race. You drop checkpoints whenever you want to. At any point, you can hit the rewind button to undo the last bit of the race, correct the racing line or the placement of a checkpoint.

Your route can be up to 40 miles in length.


I really don’t understand the clothing thing in recent Forza games. Does anybody care about that? Paint jobs, sure, but the only time you see your driver outfit is on a menu screen, and not one you see often.


Same here. The car is what matters.


At least from the demo, your character is out of the car during cutscenes quite a bit. Though I must add, I didn’t care for the options in driver avatars much. I chose a girl with bedhead and an apparently permanent look of surprise on her face. It was funny to see her walk around not talking being shocked at everything. Like the movie stunt you do and are introduced to the movie star that you are apparently the spitting image of? Those two were quite surprised to meet each other, I inferred.


In the demo, they also have these new post-race scenes where they put you front and center and there’s a giant screen behind you displaying your credits and your picture. So I could see my clothes and appearance in detail a LOT in the demo.


Looking forward to seeing some fun monster routes. I always enjoyed those Goliath races.


Eurogamer says the game is great, but the intro to the game gets off to a slow start with the game’s five hour “rookie year”.


If you’re on PC, you likely don’t have much to worry about this time round.