Fox News thread of fine journalism


Sure, he committed a felony, but…

The party of “law and order” ladies and gentlemen.


The actual Tucker Carlson headline: “Mueller’s indictment confirms Manafort-Podesta link”


“29 is young enough to be charged as a minor, right? Unless you’re a scary black person. Then, the cutoff is probably, like, 14.”


Wait, what?! Is Carlson actually trying to put forth some harebrained theory that Manafort was an inside man for the Dems and the whole Russia thing was some kind of Dem conspiracy? What the actual fuck?


You’re overthinking this, man. Hillary Clinton and anything associated with her is the Republican’s version of the Two Minutes Hate.


The Trump/Fox narrative right now is literally, “OMG CLINTON CLINTON CLINTON OBAMA CLINTON”


Someone should remind them that Hillary lost.


I’ve said it before but Clinton is their Goldstein.


She’s the “Shadow President”.


It really is. They know they’re fucked, so they’re desperate to somehow drag Clinton and the Dems into the “collusion with Russia” pit with them so when it all comes out the Trumpsters will just shrug it off as “both sides, Dems were doing it too!” and Trump will survive yet another horrific thing that would have obliterated any previous President.

The crazy thing that Trump doesn’t seem to understand is that by taking the tact that Clinton paid Russian Intelligence for the dossier, they’re in effect admitting that whatever is in said dossier is in fact intelligence gathered by the Russians…and thereby legitimate. I guess President Pee-Pee is preferable to President Putin-Puppet, as at least the former doesn’t result in prison time.


I’m sure it would in at least a few Southeastern states.


I don’t like this wildly partisan reaction by the right wing media. For example, Rush Limbaugh was apparently saying that Muller is trying to pull off a coup, and that he should be fired. What is the check and balance against Trump firing Muller? It’s congress right? And surely they won’t do anything, will they?


They’ll purse their lips, furrow their brows, and say, “It’s very troubling.”


Anyone relying on law and order as imposed by Republicans to save us from something like Trump really hasn’t been paying attention for the last, hmm, 4-5 decades or so?


Here’s the thing though, if they want to investigate Clinton (again), fine. I don’t give a shit. As long as they keep investigating Trump, it’s totally cool.

At the end of the day, if Clinton somehow went to jail for actual crimes? That too is totally cool. I don’t care. I have no vested interest in protecting Clinton.

But the deal is that Trump has likely committed crimes. You don’t just shrug that off. If this all ends with both Trump and Clinton going to jail forever, I’ll be totally happy with that outcome.


Self protection is rule number one when it comes to politics.

There’s a legitimate reason for this beyond politicians being craven, pathetic human beings; if they don’t keep their office, they can’t affect change. It’s the same reason behind toeing the party line when it may be something they disagree with. We see that even more with single-issue politicians; as long as their issue is being served by being a part of the group, they’ll stick with it and hold their noses.

So in this case, the worm may turn when their poll numbers start to look shaky in their districts/states, because that’s threatening their agenda (whatever that agenda may be). If and when that happens, you’ll see a veritable landslide of support for impeachment.

This means impeachment is a PR war. Every percentage point matters. Every loose connection tying a politician to Trump’s campaign matters. Every photo with someone shaking Manafort’s hand makes a difference. This is why the GOP machine is fighting/flailing so hard to connect him to the Democrats, as that can blunt the impact a bit because some voters are simply that “low information.”

But don’t doubt for a single moment the majority of GOP congresscritters would prefer Pence in office. However, there’s a long, arduous path between where we are and that end result.


That’s the only thing that will move the Rs to act, but the counter-force will be the Trumpsters threatening to primary them. Bannon is out for scalps.

Fortunately, they also have gerrymandering and voter suppression on their sides, or else they might be in real trouble!


It’s extremely disturbing. Something akin to the Fairness Doctrine needs to be restored, because they are straight-up propagandists. Unfortunately, since Fox News has “News” right in the name, they are seen as a legitimate source of balanced information to people like my parents.

I don’t give a shit about Left or Right. If this sort of thing isn’t reigned in, it will destroy our democracy. If it hasn’t already.


Agreed, Kevin. I don’t know how or when something like that will be viable. Unfortunately, the very nature of our governmental architecture means laws and regulation will normally be behind the times (the idea being we don’t want to overreact to the whims of the moment). But at some point, bald-faced lies being paraded as truths by news organizations needs to be forcefully stopped.

In the meantime, maybe we can float this -

  • Trump was told by Bill Clinton to run for office.
  • The campaign headquarters for both Trump and Clinton had the same legal address.
  • Manafort and a Podesta have both been looked at in this investigation.
  • Manafort and a(nother) Podesta ran each campaign.
  • Trump has made it extremely difficult for Republicans to move forward with their agenda.

Is Trump really a Clinton agent for her shadow presidency?

I think it has more legs than anything Fox has been floating.


This is an issue with people who grew up under the Fairness Doctrine. They believe everything they see on the TV (and by extension the internet), because they grew up with things being that way for the most part. If the TV man says something, then it must be true. If he says everyone else is lying, then it must be true, they wouldn’t let him say that on TV if it wasn’t.