Fox News thread of fine journalism


Yeah I’ve seen this too. My best friend’s dad is a really smart and pretty rich man, has a PHD and works for a major pharmaceutical company, and I can talk to him about science topics during dinners where everyone else is left in the dark… and yet honestly believes that he may need to use his guns to defend his big house with the useless lawn against the government and watches Glen Beck every day.

Dude, really? What the fuck does the government want with your house and heated pool?


Oh, ok. Whew.


It took one whole post for that reply. ;) At least you did not use “oxymoron”.


Oh, you cad! ;)


Not Fox News, but another misinformation darling of mine, Alex Jones. I love going to is website Prison Planet, and looking at his “alternative media” for the lulz. Around one a month I listen to his daily 4 hour radio broadcast, to how the new world order is killing everyone and how 9/11 is an inside job. I feel like I am listening to a radio station in GTA.

Well, today he posted a propaganda video for his beliefs via an iPad destruction video. Truly, this is the age reason!


You’re going to love it more tonight.

Jon Stewart thread


it is so very real:




(they’ve since updated it to read “England’s favorite mopheads.”)


Custer served in the Union Army, so they have to be vague about it.


And I guess Sitting Bull doesn’t count as being from America?


He was Kenyan! And unless you can show us his long-form birth certificate, you can’t prove otherwise!


lol, they corrected the headline for “historical accuracy”:

“killed” is now “defeated”


Love this comment

Other than the fact that Sitting Bull was honored by having is image on the obverse of the UNITED STATES NICKEL, and the fact that Crazy Horse, not Sitting Bull, killed Custer, and the fact that Custer was an Army lt colonel, not a general, this article is dead on.

Fox News, for propaganda to be effective it has to have at least some slight connection to reality. Literally every material fact you report here is laughably false. What a bunch of clowns.


Awesome poll on the front page that shows how their audience is dumb as bricks (at least a couple thousand of their website visitors). I mean, whatever your opinion is on the the current TSA methods, I think we all agree that strip searches are the worst. Yet 48.82% of the people are mad as hell, because it’s in the news.

I am sure if the holocaust was in the options of what is worse, more people would have still chosen body scanner+extreme pat down…

Which Airport Security Measure Are You Most Opposed To?

  • Full-body scan2.87%

  • Extreme pat down9.91%

  • Both full-body scan AND extreme pat down48.82%

  • Removing my shoes2.25%

  • Strip search28.13%

  • Profiling2.84%

  • Not sure1.42%

– Other (post a comment).3.77%

Total Votes: 15,099


Post that over in the other thread so people can freely respond to it without feeling as if they may be dragging grudges around the board.


No. it isn’t a post about TSA, it is a post about a poll on the Fox News website. This thread is aimed at criticizing a media outlet, and the polls on the website are usually very revealing. If the subject happens to be related to another thread in the board, I don’t see why it can’t be posted here… I am not passing a value judgement of what they believe, but rather that they dismiss an option on the poll that is way worse.


That is brilliant!


Unless of course you think that a full body scan is analogous to being strip searched, then it’s not that stupid of a poll. :)


Poll is still dumb, because of the number of options. But I bet the 2.2% who hate taking their shoes off can have their voice heard!