Fox News thread of fine journalism


The Seattle dude who cut his pay to give everyone in his company a $70,000/year salary took A LOT of shit from conservatives. It’s bizarre.


If you don’t give your employees the absolutely bare minimum that you can get away with, then the Invisible Hand is being second-guessed!


That would fit the bill. Thanks. I tried looking it up on my phone when he blathered, but I couldn’t find anything.

This guy is pretty ignorant but likes to think he’s super smart about everything. Tried to run for local office. He’s completely clueless though and has no idea that he is.

I should also note, he’s the type that’s always looking for an angle and gambles a lot. Always lives along the edge of legality. He works a foundry-type job, so he works hard I guess, but man, he’s so gullible with this Trump stuff. Wants to fight people if they get in his way. That kind of thing. Cowboys fan… lol!


It’s an easy sell. The Green New Deal has already become the Democrat’s new star child wants to take away everything you own, will give it to someone else, and also make sure you’re unemployed if you are in any dozen industries so… no car, no travel, no jobs, no house and shame for using airplanes or… vote for us. I hope they have a plan to combat that. Fox doesn’t even have to try to sell this stuff.


I mean, considering they were saying starting salary for some aides was in the 32-35k range, 52k is a heck of a lot better.


No doubt.

I used to live in L.A. on $25-$30k per year. Don’t know how I managed it, but I should probably remember it in case I have to go that frugal again.


I think it really is a fear on Fox that if the workers get paid more the rich will have to do with less. And it will be inflationary at first, too, which affects the value of the holdings of the rich.


Or if workers get a living wage, have a relatively comfortable life and don’t live in fear all the time, their habit and pointing at any Other might be a little less effective as a solution to the complaints they don’t have.


Yes. This is a conservative talking point. I heard it today on Cavuto. The Green Deal takes away airplanes, or so they want everyone to believe.


Certainly not well-off, but you could absolutely rent a place in a non-terrible spot as long as you’re okay with roommates.


I dunno Tucker, what is life as we know it worth?


Did he say the Dems will give up nothing, but they will take everything from you? That’s kind of the message that’s being pushed here in Trump land.


I’d be willing to sacrifice one Tucker Carlson. I may be an extremist, though.


“We don’t trade lives.”

“But Cap, it’s Tucker Carlson.”

“Okay fine, we trade lives just this once but then after that we don’t trade lives.”


“Unless Mitch McConnell becomes available for trading. Then we’d make an exception again. But just those two. Probably.”


Ted Cruz.

We’re going to run out of cake at this rate.


I don’t see how anything bad can come from this comparison.


How much debt were you running up?


The anti-choice group calls it murder, so they probably would see no problem with the comparison. It’s right up there with the fact that they refuse to really acknowledge that the number has declined over the years because they won’t compromise; they only one zero. Most of them pretty much to refuse to acknowledge that Planned Parenthood is provides a lot more services too. It’s not even their primary service for most places.


Any time you see abortion being drummed up see this instead as agitprop for deflecting and changing the subject from political news that they cannot confront head on.

Literally at this point i see anti-abortion as rabble rousing against Eastasia, and the reason people care about it so much is the drumbeats of conservative media creating it into an issue, inflaming the mob and distracting them.

Whatever it way say 40 years ago that is its function now.