Framed - Wordle for Movies

Seems similar to the Movie Frame Game, so I thought there would be an audience here for it. I haven’t tried it myself, but I will shortly.

Framed #46
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Framed #46
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These frames are very intentionally chosen to be increasingly more obvious, but it’s still fun.

The trouble I run into, which should in theory help but doesn’t in reality, is the weird omissions in guessing options. I Am Legend and Zombieland are both missing, and both films I would have tried guessing here.

Also this is like the 3rd or 4th one I’ve done and all have been horror films. Which horror films are not my thing

I find that frustrating but helpful. Just like in the similar guessing/recognition game Heardle (, that when the guesses that I am certain must be the correct answer but aren’t, then I just saved myself from a dreaded red block.

Well sure, but sometimes I just need to see the next frame! Especially when its a horror movie so I 100% will not have seen it.

Framed #46
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The problem I see is if it’s a movie you haven’t seen you probably have no chance. In Wordle even a word you don’t know you may be able to figure out.

Holy forking shirt. I guessed those exact same two movies in that exact same order.

And was also perplexed they didn’t get found by the search - I just manually typed them out and hit enter, but I knew they would be wrong when they weren’t in the database. Maybe an ongoing thing they are working on.

Framed #46
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Haven’t seen the movie, but 4th frame was a big giveaway after frames 1-3.

EDIT: I Am Legend was my first guess, too. ;)

I Am Legend was the first thing I thought of, but since it wasn’t showing up as an autocomplete option I tried The Road on the first frame. Got it right on the second frame.

I didn’t even notice there was autocomplete, I just typed the name and pressed enter. That was it.

Framed #46
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Crazy that I got it. I never recognize anything in the frame game at Qt3. Ever.

Yeah when I am Legend and Zombieland were absent I started with 28 days Later and then Book of Eli.

Its just weird some of what is versus isn’t on the list. Even some ‘big’ films are missing. The Mist, World War Z, and several other post apocalyptic films were missing despite fairly significant name recognition.

So their movie list is weird, and I find weird things interesting.

I went:

I am Legend
Bird Box
28 Days Later
Quiet Place

Not bad.

Framed #46
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My first incorrect guess was Bird Box.

Me too! In that order, even! Then I tried 28 Days Later and after that I basically quit because I was out of ideas and the new frames didn’t help.

Ultimately I didn’t get it at all, because I’ve never seen the film in question, nor even seen a trailer for it. Which, I suspect, is going to be my complete downfall at this game generally - I haven’t been really engaged with movies for over a decade so anything newer is likely to whiz right by me.

You don’t need to make a guess if you don’t have enough information. You can just click ‘Submit’ on an empty field and it’ll go to the next frame. I do that fairly often. I do like that the film list is limited, so that you can confirm from the autocomplete that the movie you’re guessing is at least in the master list.

Aw yeah!

Framed #46
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