Prisoner of Zenda.


This episode was really firing on all cylinders. The one-liners were great, the math joke, the borderline creepy bodyswapping hijinks (Futurama, after all, has always been really good at being borderline creepy to great effect)... fantastic all around!

"Scruffy, I love you... Washbucket has always loved you!"


The part where Scruffy's sobs turn in to his normal, "MmmHmm" was awesome.


I never thought I'd be so happy to see Dr. Zoidberg have sex with Professor Farnsworth.


Excellent episode. I have my first real belly laughs (i.e. several of them) of the new season.


This is an sentence that needs to be repeated as often as possible. Dr Zoidberg, having sex with Professor Farnsworth. Oh my...


That was a great episode! I was replaying bits of it in my head while going to sleep last night. Definitely in my top 2 of the season. It was beautifully absurd, good maths jokes, weirdness, lots of laughs.


I lost it at the amputation translation-delayed reaction at the UN.


That was without question one of the best episodes of Futurama period (at least of the wacky variety).


Definitely the funniest episode of the season.


I just really love that the writers had to actually do out the math.


Writers Schmiters. They probably just got some random college math nerd who was more than happy to do it.



Almost wet myself.

This episode is right up there with the Amazon's episode a couple other really good ones that I can't remember.

I've also been enjoying the fact that they have focusing on all the characters in the episodes so far.

And how they have the Fry Leela romantic issue on the down low and use it sometimes.

I'm so glad Futurama got picked up again, even if a couple stories were a bit iffy.


My favorite part about this entire episode was hands down the fact that ANYONE who was asked to swap bodies always had a "sure, why not?" sort of attitude about it. Just incredible.


I stand corrected

Man. I didn't realize it required a whole new theorem. I just figured it was a simple logic puzzle. Then again, logic puzzle solutions ultimately just boil down to equations anyway.

EDIT: And here's the proof, all transcribed and writ down all purty like.


Ug, now I have a headache.


I'm guessing the way the robot was walking with his sword was intended as a Prince of Persia reference.


There are also a couple call backs to old episodes also.

When the robot goes 'Silence!" it may be a call back to the robot elders who said silence quite a bit.

Then there's the "Bender, I love you!" A call back to when bender tried being a pimp and at court the whore-bots said the same thing, "Bender, we love you!" "Shut up, baby, I know it." Supposedly this line is from Shaft, but who knows.

Still a freaking funny episode, I've watched it 3 times now.

Maybe more call backs, but those two stand out.

I kind of feel sad for Mop Bucket. She loves that old Janitor.


It's also the proper form for advancing when fencing. I just assumed it was that, as he's a noble and fencing is (supposedly) what nobles do, though it could well have been a reference.


This episode had so much going on it's like they took a script for a 90 minute movie and then condensed it down to 23 minutes of awesome.