Wow, Benderama was really, really flat to me. I don't think I laughed once, and I cringed at a lot of the jokes.


Neither was particularly impressive. The show's writing on social issues never gets beyond the lazy stereotyping stage to deliver any actual insight. For every clever episode there are three like the "eye-phone" episode last year. They need better plots to hang the jokes on.


I didn't mind Benderama, but I don't really have anything good to say about Neutopia. Among other things, I feel like they already had a "bad sexist jokes" episode in Amazon Women in the Mood, so it wasn't really even clever this time, just sort of tedious.


That's some Games Journalism 2011 level fact-checking he's done.


Ah, Amazon Women in the Mood--what a great episode, with so many quotable lines:

"Death! by snu-snu!"


Zapp Brannigan: "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised."

BTW, I thought the rock monsters were allusions to the one in Galaxy Quest (one of my favorite movies).


Bingo. If that had been a game review on IGN, it would already have 4 pages of people ripping it apart by now.

I was underwhelmed by the premieres. I didn't think they were terrible, but definitely a slow start. Some of the best episodes last year came mid-season, so hopefully that's true this year too.


It was a slow start but I was still happy to see them and hear all the quirky voices.


So, the season numbering is getting very confusing now. Apparently the last DVD set was Futurama Volume 5, but it's considered season 6 (I think the films are "season 5"), and the current episodes are also considered part of season 6, at least according to the wikipedia page.


Last night's episode ("Silence of the Clamps") had me rolling.

"My name's not 'Slick.' It's Zoidberg. JOHN F***KING ZOIDBERG!"

And the use of The Clash's Clampdown was a stroke of genius.


"You really screwed the granny this time."


"Bite my fhiny metal aff"


"But Boston's 300 miles away, and Bender kicked our horse to death."


I did appreciate the Big Dig joke.


"Use boaty talk!"


So the first two eps of the season were really bad to me, but they've gotten remarkably better since.


OK, so I recognized: The ELO spaceship, the Boston spaceship, and the Discovery from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I think one of them might have been the ship from Space 1999, but I can't be sure. Anybody else catch any?


The Jupiter Two from Lost in Space.


There was of course Oceanic Flight 800 from LOST, and was that multicolored thing a speak'n'spell? (I'm 50 and those weren't around in the Sixties.)


I think that was a Simon games.


No, that thing that looked like the Simon games was the ELO spaceship: