Game box art challenge?

Dungeon Master 2?

Neither of those!

At the moment, that looks like one of those AI created nightmare art things, not a game box. :) Dragon[something]? Dragonsphere, I’ll guess. Looks like a dragon’s eye maybe.

All I see is the big plumber’s crack right in the middle. So, Super Mario: Doing What it Takes


Sinbad: Throne of the Falcon?

The cinemaware game? I remember being in awe watching some stamp sized screenshots in a magazine, my first game magazine ever (which was actually mainly about board games. Old times!). It seemed surreal. Never seen the game actually, I would probably be disappointed.

And no correct guesses!

And found the pages: those screenshots aren’t as beautiful as in my memories, haha. The net can be awesome.

Neither have I, despite owning it. My copy used to crash 2 minutes in on my Amiga. :’(

I definitely feel like I’ve seen this cover. Is it Legend?

Curse of the Azura Bonds?

It’s none of those.

I know I’ve seen it but have no idea what game it is.

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri!

The US cover must have been very different to the EU one ;)

Is it Civ: Call To Power?

Same here. That’s REALLY familiar for some reason. I’m going to kick myself when the reveal comes.

Really it’s not? I thought that was Gaia and another alien from the game in it.

There weren’t aliens in Alpha Centauri :E

I confess I had never heard about the game, but the cover was quite striking when I saw it a few weeks back.

I think I know where I’ve seen this box. In this thread. But it’s so long I can’t go through it to find it.

It’s an SSI logo I think, but I don’t know which game.

Nope, not here :D

I have no idea which SSI games had that green background. :(

Were all of the SSI games with that kind of inset D&D games?