Game box art challenge?


Paint. Net. I put a new layer filled with black on top that I remove a bit of it for each frame.


OK, I’m definitely giving it away now:


Houme Aloune?


Mais Non!


to self:

“Forget it, Jake. It’s Speccytown.”


Also on commodore 64


So it is Mikro-Gen… but not Everyone’s a Wally, Pyjamarama or Auto Mania. Racking my brains now because I know I’ve seen that baby before…


So close, but none of those, here’s the fourth clue:


It’s not Jack the Nipper, is it? (That was from Gremlin Graphics IIRC) I definitely know that cover but the name keeps eluding me.


Nope. What’s missing from his mouth?


Pacifier Pete?


What do they call a pacifier in the UK?


Why do you have to make anything sound dirty?!

The search for the missing figue?


Sucky Sam?

Having a row with the wanker?

I don’t knowwwwww


It’s called a dummy. Not sure that will help … might be time to call it and post another! :)

FWIW I’m familiar with the series but never played this one, or kind of glossed over it. Even though the box looked familiar I couldn’t recall the name.


You just got one of the words in the title, now if you walk quick enough that both feet are off the ground while eating those lemon sweets that Austin Powers likes but not the first letter then you’ll get the answer.


fly uzu dummy?


Okay, that helped to finally stir up a memory. Herbert’s Dummy Run?


We have a winner!


No, we all lost something with this display of “art”. You may have beaten Little Big Adventure!