Game box art challenge?


It will all soon be over!


Well, I tried.

It was the cover of the box and manual of the Alice, some Tandy clone of the early 80s.

The cover is worth of note because it was drawn by the famed Moebius.
Made a generation of kid dreaming browsing toy shops catalogues. The actual computer had maybe… 3 games released for it? I include BASIC in that list.


No idea how popular this one might be.
It offered an incredible gimmick at the time.




Take that trojan off my computer: that’s what I opened in another browser window to mislead you :O



Mortville Manor?


“Février 1951 profession détective privé le froid figeait Paris et mes affaires lorsk!”
First spoken worlds in a monotonous computer voice of what must have been one of the first fully spoken games.
A shame you could finish it in about 30 seconds once you knew the solution!


What’s the solution? “Guys you live in a house called Deathville. Pretty sure that’s 90% the problem.”


In case you were not familiar with the game, it was an adventure game that felt a bit like a proto Last Express : you had to wander around, figure the participants schedule, interview them and such.
But baring all that real game… game, you could game the game (hrrm) by going to a couple of the guest’s rooms, grabbing a few items, going to a crypt, opening a secret passageway, and you were basically done. Ironically, without hearing the hint of a voice. Or not making any sense of the actual game.
I must confess I don’t even recall what the game was really about. Bits gave a lasting impression, like the eerie digitalized bell of the gorgeous little chapel.


Hate the whole “be there at the right time” school of “puzzle” design (Cruise for a Corpse comes to mind, again). Unfortunately it was apparently common in French games of that era. I think Lankhor may have peaked with Maupiti Island, but I never mustered the patience to finish it.

I’ll have something up later today!


That giant snow-woman is terrifying.


New one!


Medieval Total War?


Nope! Good guess though!



Crusader Kings 1


Not Crusader Kings (note: the mystery game has an actual cardboard box)


Ookay, this one should do it!


I know it… but if I get it right I’m going to have to pick a game…